Today we kick off an opportunity for folks interesting in what is happening within the boundaries of McPherson County KS, to keep up with emergency communication logs, the works done by those working for the county, the works within the various county townships, the works of county school districts and maybe even some news about sports and activities…..

As we work on getting the bumps and potholes out of the way within the website, we will always appreciate comments, insights and even suggestions to what you find, see and read on

As we grow the website and gain followers, all effort will be done to keep it free to the general public and citizens of McPherson County KS.  As we need to support ourselves and the cost of maintaining the website and soon to be affiliated facebook page, we are hoping to use business and personal sponsorship programs to cover the time and costs of this community service effort – more information on that will be coming soon.

So enjoy and know what the happenings are within the boundaries of McPherson County KS.

CrossDove Writers