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It was a big start to the 2019 cross country season for Inman’s Nicholas Martisko as he scored a first-place finish in the Teuton’s season opening run at the Tescott Invitational on Thursday.

Martisko ran the 4K course in 13:25.20 to finish seven seconds ahead of runner-up Regan Bales of Osborne.  The only other Teuton running was Brenton Thiessen and he also scored a medal in the meet by finishing 20th for the Teutons.

The Lady Teutons also had just two runners in the meet, but they also both finished with medals as Hannah Martisko finished 16th and earned a medal in her very first high school varsity race. Aisjha Miles also scored a medal when she placed 19th.

“As in years past, I told the runners I wasn’t looking for any particular time and/or place since this is the first meet of the season,” noted Head Coach Jay Parsons. “The new runners weren’t sure what to expect or how to go about running the race, so I made sure they knew and understood how they ran and competed was up to them. However, the ones who ran last year, I did have some expectations, but wanted to see where they are before I place too much of an expectation on them, therefore my goal was for them to finish the race and compete the best they can and everyone did just that.”

With the heat, the meet was shortened from a normal 5K run to just 4K as a precaution for the runners.

“Each runner did just what I said and both Hannah (Martisko) and Aisjha (Miles) showed signs of possible having a very good season this year as they both medaled,” added Coach Parsons in his post-race reflections. “In the boys race, Peter Buller did not compete due to an injury, but Nicholas (Martisko) showed he is ready to take on his senior season and Brenton (Thiessen) ran a very strong race with a very respectable time. In her first junior varsity race, Dawn Gunter finished with a medal and ran very well with this being her first season and is learning what this is about.”

Coach Parsons concluded his comments by saying, “Overall, I was pleased with the start of the racing season. I saw some things that if I can communicate to the runners and get them to understand, we will become better runners and hopefully more competitive.”

Next up for the Teuton harriers will be on Thursday, September 12 when they run at the Hesston Invitational.

Inman Cross Country Individual Results:

Lady Teutons (4K run):

Hannah Martisko finished 16th running a time of 19:42.00 and Medaled

Aisjha Miles finished 19th running a time of 20:09.02 and Medaled

Teuton Boys (4K run):

Nicholas Martisko finished 1st running a time of 13:35.20 and Medaled

Brenton Thiessen finished 20th running a time of 16:17.10 and Medaled

Teuton Junior Varsity (4K run):

Dawn Gunter finished 9th running a time of 25:29.50 and Medaled


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