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HUTCHINSON – The McPherson Middle School cross country team sent 17 runners on Tuesday to run in Hutchinson at the Hutchinson Prairie Hills Middle School Cross Country Invitational and brought home two medalist.

Kayla Porter medaled for the seventh-grade girls by running a 12:10.70 for her 1.5-mile run, while Keanna Sullivan, running for the eighth-grade girls, finished with a time 16:25.20 for her 2-mile run which was good enough to medal as well.

Next up for the Middle School cross country team will be on Tuesday, September 17, when they run at in Goddard at the Goddard Classic.

McPherson Middle School Cross Country Results:

7th Grade Girls (1.5-mile run):

Kayla Porter ran 12:10.70 and finished 19th, Medaled

Claire Miller ran 14:32.00 and finished 40th

7th Grade Boys (1.5-mile run):

Garrett Floyd ran 11:31.90 and finished 63rd

Jaime Landeros ran 11:51.20 and finished 74th

Alex Brubaker ran 12:05.30 and finished 84th

Parker Koehn ran 12:09.60 and finished 86th

Quade Brewer ran 13:19.90 and finished 105th

Roary Whorton ran 14:09.70 and finished 111th

8th Grade Girls (2-mile run):

Keanna Sullivan ran 16:35.20 and finished 22nd , Medaled

Renae Hendricks ran 17:06.80 and finished 31st

Analiese Borday ran 17:24.60 and finished 32nd

Skyler French ran 20:02.30 and finished 54th

Lauren Newcom ran 20:05.80 and finished 55th

8th Grade Boys (2-mile run):

Jaiden Strickland ran 14:14.40 and finished 31st

Kale French ran 14:49.40 and finished 38th

Hunter Mendez ran 15:23.40 and finished 48th

Joel Eilert ran 17:14:30 and finished 79th

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