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The People of McPherson County is a continued effort to make the citizens of McPherson County more aware of who the wheeler and dealers are that make the county, the communities within the county, the school districts within the county and even many of the major businesses within the county, tick as they do. These are the people that make McPherson County tick.

Today, the People of McPherson County will introduce you to the person who is the newest member of the Board of McPherson County Commissioners – Tom Kueser.

GETTING TO KNOW TOM KUESER: Tom Kueser was born and raised on a small family farm just outside of Canton, Kansas right here in McPherson County. Kueser grew up working the farm along side of his father where he felt he learned two things early in life – to get an education so that I didn’t have to clean horse stalls all day and to do the job right the first time.

Kueser remembers the hours being long on the farm, but they were a priceless education for his life in the future. Despite not being a full-time farmer these days, Kueser still truly enjoys all that went along with growing up in the country.

One of what Kueser calls his greatest accomplishment in life is his family, where he and his wife Heather have a perfectly blended family of five children – Hannah, Emma, Gus, Cailey and Remi.

GETTING FROM THERE TO HERE: Kueser is proud to say that he has been a McPherson County guy his entire life, claiming that McPherson County is a beacon for all others in his opinion with its rich history and opportunities. Kueser notes, “A County is only as good as its residents and McPherson County is full of some of the best people you can ever hope to know.”

Having worked in a financial institution since he was 16, Kueser got his start at the State Bank of Canton in high school and then the Emporia State Federal Credit Union while completing his bachelor’s degree at Emporia State. After completing his degree, Kueser was blessed (as he called it) to be offered a job as an executive officer at the State Bank of Canton, a position he has worked for the past 15 years as a commercial lender and Senior Vice President.

When not working, Kueser has been involved with organizing and participating in 5K’s while also enjoying his chickens. Kueser mainly enjoys nearly anything that keeps him outside, like fishing – at least if they are biting.

WHAT DOES KUESER ENJOY THE MOST ABOUT HIS JOB AS COMMISSIONER: Kueser became a McPherson County Commissioner on April 2, 2019 as an Interim Commissioner to fill the position left vacant by the untimely passing of long time County Commissioner Linus Linaweaver.

Kueser says the most enjoyable thing about the position is being able to work with many different facets of the County to achieve sustainable, long term goals. I enjoy being able to work along side my fellow commissioners to continue the successful tradition of our robust and diverse county.

WHAT ARE THE MOST MEMORABLE PROJECTS AS COMMISSIONER: While Kueser has only been a County Commissioner for a few months, he knows many projects lay ahead as he has voting oversight when it comes to County Departments, functions and programs such as Public Works, County Health, McPherson Area Solid Waste Authority, County Corrections, Sheriff Department and more.

Kueser says he enjoys diving into the budgetary functions and working with department heads to make all the pieces fit in an ever changing environment.

WHAT PROJECTS DOES KUESER HAVE AHEAD FOR THE COUNTY: Kueser enjoys being able to work with many different facets of the County to achieve many sustainable, long-term goals. He enjoys being able to work along side his fellow Commissioners to continue the successful tradition of our robust and diverse county.

WHAT, IF ANY, HAVE BEEN THE MOST DIFFICULT THINGS ABOUT BEING COMMISSIONER: Being a newly appointed Commissioner, Kueser states that he was often meeting department heads for the first time and making judgements and decisions on their behalf on the fly. The evening of his appointment it was stated to him that it would be a lot like drinking from a fire hose at the beginning.

WHAT PLANS OR HOPES DOES KUESER HAVE FOR THE FUTURE: As a McPherson County Commissioner, Kueser says his future plans are simple, continue to grow in his knowledge every day and make the absolute best decisions possible not only for the county, but for those who live in the county as well.

Kueser does point out that he will be up for election in 2020 with hopes of continuing the opportunity to serve as a commissioner.

Kueser does want to build on the success of all those great decision makers that held prior positions, while as an individual, he looks forward to watching those prosper around him. As a community Banker, Kueser has the unique capability to look behind the curtain and watch success and growth in real time and he looks forward to seeing growth and prosperity throughout the entire County in much the same way.

Hard work, a conservative approach, and a strong faith in God has kept Kueser on a successful path as an individual and he is excited to stay the course by staying truly humble and excited to be directly involved with the future of McPherson County.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  There you have it folks – an introduction and insight to our newest McPherson County Commissioner, Tom Kueser. Be sure and let him know that you have trust and faith in his abilities as he continues his trip and adventures as a McPherson County Commissioner.

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