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SALINA – The McPherson Middle School seventh-grade volleyball teams continue to have a strong season as they traveled to Salina on Thursday to battle with and score four victories over Salina Lakewood and Abilene.

It took just two straight sets for the Lady Junior Pups seventh-grade ‘A’ team to take care of Salina Lakewood (25-18, 25-10) before Abilene gave them a real battle, taking McPherson to three sets before they were able to score victory in the match (26-24, 20-25, 15-13), with the wins in the two deciding sets came at a total of just four points in difference. With the two victories, the ‘A’ team now stands at 6-2 for the season.

“We did some things really well today and played some good volleyball,” explained Head Coach Shelley Bohme. “I was pleased with our serving against Salina Lakewood, I think it was the fewest missed serves we’ve had so far this season. Abilene was a very solid team that set the ball up and forced us to play defense. We got some great net play from Addie (Herrera) and Haley (Hagemann). On the back row, Kenzi (Kaufman), Izabel (Backhus) and Cora (Pavlovich) passed the ball well. We fell apart in set two as communication was lacking and we missed eight serves, which is too many points to give up. I was extremely proud of the teamwork and hustle in set three. The girls played together and never gave up. Addison (Chapman), Mallorie (Cooper), and Kelby (Boughfman) did a great job setting up the ball to our hitters and Josie (Fitzmorris) hit the ball well. We are starting to get some touches on blocks, which is exciting. We will continue to work on being consistent with our serves and making good decisions.”

The seventh grade ‘B’ Lady Junior Pups made a much easier time of their matches as they dismantled Salina Lakewood in straight sets (25-8, 25-14) before doing much the same to Abilene (25-10, 25-14) to remain unbeaten for the season at 8-0.

‘B’ team Coach Abby Bradstreet had praises after the matches, saying, “Our girls played great against both Salina Lakewood and Abilene today. We had some amazing serves and we made some good passes. We still need to work on being more aggressive at the net but for how much volleyball these girls have played this week, they were doing a great job. They stay positive and encouraging throughout the games and really do a good job at supporting each other.”

The seventh-grade spikers will close out an extremely busy week, six matches in four days, on Saturday when they travel to Chapman for a tournament before coming home to make their home debut on Monday against Salina South and Emporia.


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