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ROSE HILL – It was a good bounce back from their first loss of the season over the weekend as the McPherson High boys soccer team used a second-half Schrader Show to shut down Rose Hill on the road Tuesday.

The Schrader Show referes to Bullpup senior, Drew Shcrader, who for the second time in this season had a hat trick by scoring all three of the McPherson goals in the second half of play. While the third goal was on his own, Schrader had help from assists by Cody Achilles and Samy Jaime on his first two scores of the game.

“I was really pleased with how the team played tonight,” noted Bullpup Head Coach Chris Adrian. “For the first time this year, we dominated the possession of the ball and knocked it around.”

While the Bullpup offense kept Rose Hill on their heels all day by firing up 11 total shots on goal, the defense played equally as well with the help of senior Nathan Lloyd keeping the doors shut on nets as he recorded five saves for the day.

Speaking of his players, Coach Adrian continued his post-game reflections by saying, “Two players that really impressed me tonight were Cody (Achilles), who was really strong on defense while giving the team an attacking threat out of the back line, and Connor (Olsen) whose passes and movement helped create numerous opportunities for other to score despite it being his first varsity start. Connor played with so much composure.”

“Rose Hill defended well in the first half and their goalkeeper made several big saves, but our possession really wore them down,” said Coach Adrian. “The boys came out strong in the second half and scored two quick goals to ease the pressure. The team then did a nice job of playing smart for the final thirty minutes and Nathan (Lloyd) didn’t have a lot to do. It’s the defenses first shutout of the season and they definitely deserved it.”

Coach Adrian then concluded his reflections by referencing the attack side of the Bullpups, explaining, “On the attacking side, Drew (Schrader) scored his second hat trick of the season and continues to be a goal scoring machine though I thought our attack was much more balanced. Britton (Haigh) could have easily had two or three goals tonight if it wasn’t for some great saves and Samy (Jaime) and Jael (Jaime) were getting more opportunities to use their skill and pace to beat defenders one-on-one.”

In the junior varsity game, freshman Jovanny Ontiveros scored the only Bullpup goal as they tied Rose Hill 1-1.

Next up on the schedule for the Bullpup kickers will be huge matchup with Salina Central on the road on Thursday.

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