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WAKEFIELD – It was a highly successful trip to Wakefield on Thursday for the Canton/Galva Junior High football team as the Junior Eagles remained unbeaten on the season by coming home with a resounding 54-6 domination victory over host Wakefield.

To make the game even more resounding than being over at halftime, the Junior Eagles played a six-man game due to the low number of players for Wakefield.

According to reports Canton/Galva only ran six offensive plays the entire game.

Some of the stars for the Junior Eagles were:

  • Jordan Duncan who scored two touchdowns, had four 2-point conversions and recorded 5.5 tackles on defense.
  • Lane McMannis also scored two touchdowns, had one 2-point conversion and recorded a whopping 11 tackles on defense.
  • Jaden Ediger scored two touchdowns and had five tackles on defense which included one quarterback sack.
  • Isom Marston scored a touchdown off an interception.

Next Thursday, October 3, the Junior Eagles will return to the home field for a game with Herington. The game will start at 6:00 p.m.

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