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MCPHERSON – It was a gold medal day for the McPherson Middle School cross country team as they hosted the Pioneer League Cross Country Championships at Rolling Hills Acres to close out their 2019 season on Tuesday.

Seventh-grade Junior Lady Pup runner, Kayla Porter, scored a gold medal as she won the seventh-grade girls division by running the 1.5-mile course in 10:57.10. Fellow seventh-grade runner, Claire Miller, finished 13th.

Three other Junior Pup runners placed in the top ten of their division, including Kale French and Jaiden Strickland for the eighth-grade boys and Keanna Sullivan for the eighth-grade girls. Five others landed top-15 finishes.

“The runners had tough, windy conditions, yet competed well today and several runners were very close to running season best times on a very tough course,” commented Junior Pup Head Coach Nikolous Rempe during his post meet reflections. “Kayla (Porter) was the league champ as she was once again able to win the seventh-grade girls’ race and three other runners recorded top-10 finishes. I’m really proud of the improvement that they have made throughout the season!”


7TH GRADE JUNIOR LADY PUPS (1.5-mile run):

Kayla Porter ran 10:57.1 and finished 1st, Medaled.

Claire Miller ran 12:27.8 and finished 13th.

Gracy Hubbard ran 13:46.5 and finished 20th.

7th GRADE JUNIOR PUPS (1.5-mile run):

Jaime Landeros ran 10:47.9 and finished 21st.

Garrett Floyd ran 10:51.6 and finished 22nd.

Alex Brubaker ran 11:11.0 and finished 26th.

Carson Houchen ran 11:22.6 and finished 30th.

Lucky Brewer ran 11:27.3 and finished 33rd.

Roary Whorton ran 13:02.2 and finished 47th.

8th GRADE JUNIOR LADY PUPS (2-mile run):

Keanna Sullivan ran 15:53.5 and finished 9th.

Renae Hendricks ran 16:13.2 and finished 11th.

Analiese Bordayo ran 15:45.5 and finished 13th.

Lauren Newcom ran 17:37.5 and finished 14th.

Skyler French ran 17:44.3 and finished 15th.

8th GRADE JUNIOR BOYS (2-mile run):

Kale French ran 13:40.7 and finished 8th.

Jaiden Strickland ran 13:41.8 and finished 9th.

Hunter Mendez ran 14:27.0 and finished 15th.

Joey Miller ran 15:21.3 and finished 22nd.

Carter Thul ran 17:13.2 and finished 32nd.

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