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INMAN – This week we shine the media light on a place that claims to enjoy showing folks a ‘little bit of small-town hospitality’!

Where would one find a ‘little bit of small-town hospitality’ – why at HARVEST CAFÉ in downtown Inman!

The HARVEST CAFÉ was nearly lost to the Inman and surrounding communities when it closed, seemingly for good – until Katy and Nick Reinecker recognized how much the HARVEST CAFÉ was part of the heart that kept the community of Inman beating.

That heartbeat for the community is what made the Reinecker’s decide with the support of their family, to make the leap and reopen the HARVEST CAFÉ.

That heartbeat is why they believe in the mission of small-town service.

That heartbeat is why they feel that on any given morning or day, you can come in and not only enjoy home style cooking wonders with the true feel of life in small town America – but you may also just make a new friend or two.

According to Katy, ‘Inman is a wonderful place to raise kids and hers are growing up right here as well.’ Plus, ‘she can’t tell anyone what it would mean to her to have them come on in and give their service a whirl because if you like good food, great smiles and an always full coffee cup – she knows you’ll like it here!’

A showing of just how serious the community of Inman feels about the HARVEST CAFÉ being part of the heartbeat that keeps the community going, came this past summer when customers got together and raised enough money to present Katy an opportunity to redo a much needed floor of the restaurant.

See the floor of the HARVEST CAFÉ consisted of carpet and linoleum that had been in place since 1987 and over the years had gathered many stains and stickiness from food being dropped on it that the customers said enough was enough and pitched in to help Katy have the opportunity to do some updating.

With the help of local vendors, workers and even the customers themselves, the flooring was replaced with a luxury vinyl plank flooring, the best and most durable option. This meant moving the sizable buffet tables and yep, Katy’s brother-in-law Jon Reinecker and a few friends built some dollies and came to do the heavy lifting and the floor project got done.


Even the Reinecker kids were involved as Katy has been noted as explaining how all the chairs were going to scratch up the new flooring without new caps to be installed. So, Katy ordered the caps and when they arrived, the Reinecker kids took it upon themselves to replace each and everyone of the 300 chair end caps.

It’s all about community in Inman and the HARVEST CAFÉ wants you all to be part of that community as well.

But what keeps bringing back that community of customers – the food of course and as some would say, ‘the best darn amazing hand-breaded chicken fried steak and homemade pies that are just awesome!’

Located at 112 Main Street in Inman, the HARVEST CAFÉ is well known for some of the most awesome pies and pastries such as cinnamon rolls, raisin or cherry schnetka, doughnuts or cream puffs, cherry and peach turnover plus those special pies and pastries that one will just have to stop in and see the special board for the availability and prices.


Looking for that old-fashioned American diner type breakfast, then the HARVEST CAFÉ is worth the drive to try their homecooked versions of eggs, omelets, pancakes, sausage, crispy bacon, breakfast ham, hand-breaded country fried steak, sausage gravy and biscuits and of course their one of a kind ‘breakfast goulash’.

Open from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, while on Thursday and Friday the HARVEST CAFÉ is open until 8:00 p.m. Don’t forget they hold coffee hour for two hours from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and on Friday one can get $.25 coffee. Sorry folks, but on Sunday and Monday, Katy and the crew get some down time with family and friends.

So you think you want a variety of choices for lunch or even dinner on Thursday and Friday, then stop by and force yourself to choose from beer battered catfish, chicken strips, that hand-breaded chicken fried steak, 12-hour slow cooked roast beef or homemade soups. Plus, you have the standard American diner favorites like a variety of six style hamburgers or sandwiches, baskets of catfish, popcorn shrimp, fish or chicken strips, as well as 10 choices of sides dishes and an always full salad bar.


Wait, there is one more highly anticipated event that the HARVEST CAFE is noted for – their BUFFET’S which include Mexican on Wednesday, Verenika or German Mennonite food on Thursday and of course that famous HARVEST CAFÉ fried chicken on Fridays! And the reminder that they have now added a BREAKFAST BUFFET on Saturday mornings due to customer requests!


Don’t forget that one can also enjoy the great home cooking style food from the HARVEST CAFÉ for private parties, wedding dinners, social or church events and catering by contacting Katy and the crew at 620-585-6925 or


So if you’re looking for that home cooked fresh food in a cozy country atmosphere with plates full enough to share and pies that make your eyes pop and your mouth slobber up in anticipation – then the HARVEST CAFÉ is the place to be where casual attire will find that nothing tastes manufactured and has the aroma of grandma’s house on Sunday after church.

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