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MCPHERSON – The McPherson Fire Department and Fire Chief TJ Wyssmann have issued a SMOKE WARNING for the city of McPherson!

McPherson Fire - Landfill Fire - Oct-2019--3

A second fire in a few days has the McPherson Fire Department and others involved at the McPherson Landfill north of town just east of the McPherson Country Club. The most recent fire brought fire fighters in around 1:00 p.m. on Sunday.

McPherson Fire - Landfill Fire - Oct-2019--2

Due to the possible toxic substances that may be in the smoke from the fire, the McPherson Fire Department has posted the SMOKE WARNING due to the winds blowing from the north and sending the smoke from the fire toward the city of McPherson.

All residents are being encouraged to do the following:

  • Go or stay inside!
  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Stay tuned to Radio/Television/Social Media for further updates.
  • Utilize 911 for emergencies only. For any other questions or concerns please contact the McPherson Fire Department administrative line at 620-245-2505.

The National Weather Service shows a plume model that indicates the City of McPherson will be directly affected by the smoke from the fire. Here is the link for that model –…

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