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WAMEGO – For the Inman cross country team, they sent just two individuals to the state meet on Saturday in Wamego and one of those two, Nicholas Martisko, brought home a bronze medal for finishing third among 110 runners at the Class 2A State Boys Cross Country Meet.

Martisko, closed out his Teuton career by running in his fourth consecutive state meet and scoring a final time of 17:06.70 for the 5K run which was better that his precious top state time by 17 seconds as he finished third behind state champion Henry Nelson of Bishop Seabury (running 16:36.09) and Trevor Pentlin of Jefferson County North who ran a time of 17:02.30.

“Nicholas (Martisko) demonstrated how capable he still is when it comes to competing at a high level,” noted Teuton Head Coach Jay Parson. “He has had a terrific 2019 season and he capped off his career in terrific fashion as well.”

When looking back at the run at state, Martisko explained, “With low wind speed and cool temperatures, today turned into a perfect day to run. It was great to run with some guys that I have only seen run at state throughout my time running in high school.”

Also running on Saturday at the Rim Rock Course and representing the Teutons was the younger Martisko, sister Hannah, just a sophomore. Hannah ran a time of 22:51.16 which placed her right in the middle of the girl’s race as she finished 48th out of 96 runners.

“Hannah (Martisko) had a terrific outing on her first trip to the state meet,” added Coach Parsons. “Even though her placing was rather high, the time she ran was tremendous. In fact, her time was within 20 seconds of the time she ran at the regional meet. The course at state is definitely more challenging than the course for the regional meet. Comparing the terrain of the two courses, I think Hannah ran a tremendous time along with the fact she ran under twenty-three minutes.”

When asked about her thoughts running at state for the first time, she responded by saying, “I enjoyed being here and having the opportunity to run.”

Continuing his references to Hannah, Coach Parsons continued by noting, “She has had a terrific inaugural season and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Looking back on the 2019 season as well as the future of Teuton cross country, Coach Parson concluded his post meet and season reflections by adding, “Cross Country has been a program at Inman High School for a short period of time which means a lot of people may not expect much or aren’t aware of its existence, but I think it has been very successful. Yes, we have been blessed with some very good runners, but if those runners hadn’t been there, I still have had a terrific time. It is a tough sport and to see young ladies and men show up every day and put in the effort, makes me look forward to working with them every one of those days. Congratulations again to Nicholas and Hannah, but also thanks to all the other runners who were part of this season such as Peter (Buller), Brenton (Thiessen), Aisjha (Miles), and Dawn (Gunter). They are a terrific bunch and I look forward to working with many of them again next season!”

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