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MCPHERSON – Recently the McPherson Police Department announced and the McPherson City Commissioners approved the promotion by Police Chief Mikel Golden of Detective/Sergeant Stacy Snyder to Administrative Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Snyder has been a member of the McPherson Police Department since joining the Police Reserves in 1994 before becoming a full-time Patrol Officer in October of 1995.

Eventually Lieutenant Snyder served in the Patrol Bureau and attained the rank of Patrol Sergeant in January 2001 and was also a Field Training Officer.

In March of 2013, Snyder transferred from Patrol to the Investigations Section as a Detective where in 2018 he was promoted to Detective Sergeant.

Lieutenant Snyder has also served on the Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) for 17 years.

Our congrats to Lieutenant Snyder!


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