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{Note: The information for this profile was done before the historic change of schooling caused by the coronavirus pandemic.}

MCPHERSON – With this profile of the People of Education in McPherson County – we focus on Rebecca Khosravipour, Principal of Moundridge Elementary School in Moundridge USD 423!

So many folks work hard at making the educating of our future generations work, that we feel it is important to know who they are and get to know a little bit about them, their job, their background and what makes them tick in making their work within their school district tick.


Rebecca Khosravipour is the Principal at Moundridge Elementary School in Moundridge and is new to USD 423 as of the fall of 2019.

While Khosravipour grew up in the Kansas City area, she has been married to her husband, Bobby, for nearly 31 years, and it was he who brought the family to central Kansas in 1995 when he took a job in Newton working for the BNSF Railroad.

The Khosravipour’s have three grown children, all of whom live in Wichita.

Their oldest son Kevin and youngest daughter Ariel, both work for Koch Industries while middle daughter, Kristin, manages all three of the Cocoa Dolce Stores in the Wichita area.

Son Kevin is married to Katie and they have given the Khosravipours two grandchildren, Liam and Becca. Daughter-in-law Katie is currently attending college and working on a degree in marketing.

When Khosravipour is not busy with her students and staff at Moundridge Elementary, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, putting puzzles together, and painting for fun. She openly admits that she is not super great at any of them, but enjoys them all none the less.


As mentioned previously, Khosravipour grew up in the Kansas City, Kansas area before moving to central Kansas in 1995 when her husband took a job with the BNSF {Burlington Northern Santa Fe} Railroad in Newton.

The Khosravipour family lived in Newton for eight years before moving to Elbing, Kansas where they have now lived for 17 years.

Before coming to USD 423 in Moundridge in the fall of 2019 to become the principal of Moundridge Elementary School, Khosravipour served in Valley Center where she spent 19 years as a fourth-grade teacher, instructional coach, principal and Director of Student Learning for USD 262.


Being the Principal of an elementary school keeps Khosravipour busy as she active in a variety of things including:

  • Giving instructional leadership and guidance.
  • Issuing discipline when needed.
  • Providing social and emotional support for students and staff.
  • Overseeing curriculum.
  • Providing assessments of students and staff.
  • Helping with professional development for staff.
  • Providing student and family support.
  • Helping collaborate with both the educators/staff and parents.


Anyone that has been in administration within a school district will know that it is not always smooth sailing and Khosravipour noted that when given the question ‘What do you find the most difficult things about your position as an elementary principal?’

“Some of our students have some significant challenges in their lives,” responded Khosravipour. “It can sometimes be heartbreaking to know what they are going through, yet we continue to do everything we can to support those students as they go through those challenges.”

Does Khosravipour have some favorite things and/or events that come from being principal of Moundridge Elementary?

Khosravipour did not hesitant when answering this question, noting, “My absolute favorite thing about my job is that I get to love on children each and every day. They are what it is all about, and I truly want to make a positive difference in each of their lives and in the lives of my teachers as well. That is what I strive to do.”

What does Khosravipour find as the most rewarding of working within her new school district in Moundridge?

“I am honored to work with very dedicated and hard-working educators,” she explained when reflecting on the question. “It is a privilege to serve on a team with them and to all pull in the same direction for the students. There is nothing better than knowing we are making a positive impact on students and their families.”       

Finally, our profile asked the question referencing Khosravipours plans for the future, both as in the position as Principal at Moundridge Elementary within USD 423 and as her as an individual?

Khosravipour reflected on her job and USD 423 by saying, “I am currently leading our building and district through the KESA Accreditation process. This is ultimately a school improvement process which will help us continue to make positive changes for our students. It is my goal to help our school district strengthen the already great things we do for students and their families. In addition, a major goal of mine is to partner with our families in providing a solid education for our students. I truly believe it takes both the school and the family working together to help each child thrive. Making these family connections is a vital goal is doing so.”

Concluding her responses to our questions, Khosravipour reflected on herself as an individual when she said, “Personally, I wish to be a positive and encouraging leader who brings light and joy to each person I meet. My goal is to help our students and staff achieve excellence in all that we do while loving and supporting each other along the way.”


There it is folks, an introduction and insight to another of our many strong, faithful and positive administrative leaders found within the many fine and outstanding school districts of the McPherson County area.

Rebecca Khosravipour, Principal at Moundridge Elementary in Moundridge, personifies a person that finds total enjoyment and wonder at the opportunity to lead an elementary school for the sake and future of each and every student in which they have the opportunity to teach and reach.

If you are given the chance, like with any other district leaders, consider giving Rebecca Khosravipour a hearty greeting next time you see or talk with her. Give her a smile and a sincere thank you for being willing to push herself, as well as the Moundridge Elementary staff and students to the next levels of education and life success.

And in this unique time period of dealing with the quarantines due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still pick up the phone and call, or maybe drop an email to Rebecca Khosravipour, letting her know you appreciate all that she does.

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