By William

MCPHERSON – Tuesday evening, the McPherson County Health Department released a note for all the citizens living in McPherson County. The note is as follows:

The McPherson County Health Department’s priority on a normal day is the public health, safety, and well-being of all McPherson County residents.

Because we aren’t living a normal day, and haven’t for quite some time, it’s obvious that our priorities continue, but that the mental health, economic well-being and financial stability of our country has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We do not make decisions or recommendations lightly. We know that lives are at stake, beyond just our vulnerable populations and beyond just the health and wellness of individuals.

We see the struggles and we live them with you each day.

We may not agree with everything that has been decided for us throughout the pandemic, or we may support the decisions 110%. However, none of the decisions that were made or will be made have stripped away our ability to be kind.

During this transition, we ask for kindness.

We as for patience and understanding, as this is new water for all of us.

A guidance document has been released and can be found on our website.

(NOTE: The guidance document has been broken down and presented in three parts on this website, www.mcpherson-county-ks.com)

The guidance document gives direction for what the McPherson County Health Department expects of the residents, businesses and entities who have been fighting this fight with us.

Other prepared guidance documents can also be found on the County website.

We ask that McPherson County remains vigilant and aware of what we have been through and have yet to experience.

At any time, we could see an increase in COVID-19 patients that overwhelm our local healthcare system. If that happens, we may have to pull back with a restrictive order until we can safely care for those in need.

Regardless of what we can prepare for and hope does not happen, McPherson County residents have the personal responsibility to make smart choices.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please call the McPherson County Health Department during business hours at 620-241-1753 or email them at machd@mcphersoncountyks.us.

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