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MCPHERSON – Effective May 27th, 2020 at 12:01 a.m., the McPherson County Local Health Officer will be recommending that residents of McPherson County follow the guidelines listed below, some of which are set forth in Ad Astra:

  • A Plan to Reopen Kansas and other relevant national and state-level guidance.

Disease spread, hospitalization rates, death rates and the ability to contact trace will be evaluated before recommending McPherson County moves to the next phase. Please be aware if local hospitals begin to be overwhelmed with COVID-19 related patients, the Local Health Officer will implement restrictive orders to support our healthcare infrastructure.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) travel-related quarantine mandate is still in effect and is mandated by McPherson County Health Department as well.

An updated travel-related quarantine list can be found within the latest Case Update for McPherson County at or by checking the KDHE webpage at

Questions can be submitted to McPherson County Health Department at 620-241-1753 or at

That said – here is what happens under the upcoming stage of PHASE 3 which will begin no earlier than June 8, 2020:



  • Gatherings – no more than 45 individuals in a mass gathering where a 6-foot social distance cannot be maintained between the individuals.
  • Gatherings – if an event larger than the mass gathering restriction recommendation occurs, we ask that a plan to keep the event safe be submitted to the McPherson County Health Department via email at or via phone at 620-241-1753.


  • Individuals – Masks are strongly encouraged in settings where a 6-foot social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Individuals – Adhere to personal hygiene guidelines and remain home if ill.
  • Individuals – High-risk individuals with underlying medical conditions may resume public interactions but should practice social distancing and minimize exposure to situations where precautionary measures may be difficult.


  • Employers – May begin reducing telework and start bringing employees back to work in office settings.
  • Employers – Any employees exhibiting illness should be required to stay home and encouraged to seek medical care, as necessary.
  • Employers – Avoid gatherings greater than 45 where social distancing protocols cannot be maintained and continue to maintain 6-feet of social distancing between workstations as employees are phased in.


  • Travel – Non-essential travel may resume.
  • Travel – KDHE travel-related quarantine mandates are still in effect for high-risk areas.


  • K-12 Facilities should continue to follow the guidelines of the Continuous Learning Plan developed by the Kansas Department of Education.
  • Higher education facilities should remain closed for in person learning or events involving groups of more than 45 individuals.
  • Childcare facilities can continue operations pursuant to state and local regulations.


All Activities & Venues can safely reopen if they:

  • Maintain 6-feet of social distancing between all individuals and groups that do not live together in the same residence.
  • Follow cleaning and public health practices and comply with any additional sector specific guidance.
  • Avoid groups larger than 45 where distance cannot be maintained (greater than 45 individuals can occupy a facility if capacity allows for individuals to maintain social distance of 6-feet).
  • Long-term care and healthcare facilities should follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) but may begin to gradually introduce in-person visits. Screening measures and strict hygiene protocols for visitors should continue.
  • Guidelines for activities and venues such as contact and non-contact sports, outdoor sports courts, playgrounds, outdoor pools, splash pads, museums, farmers markets, community gardens, outdoor restrooms, senior centers, gyms, fitness centers, indoor and outdoor pools, locker rooms/showers, meeting rooms, and golf, can be found on the Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) website found at

All Recommendations given by the McPherson County Health Department will align with the KRPA guidelines.

Businesses, activities and venues shall follow the mandates from their licensor/sector.

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