By William

MCPHERSON – In the nearly 10 months since we launched this website and it’s adjoining Facebook page {found at} there have been moments where I know it seems like we are a well oiled media machine, and then there have been moments where it seems like media postings have become more of a hit-and-miss style.

Several things we would like to point out to our readers and followers:

  • # 1 – We are a one-person operation within a private writing company, CrossDove Writers, and that does mean that there are other projects at times for which may be needing more attention.
  • # 2 – We are at times only as informative as the information provided to us and many times, we may not report some things due to other media outlets covering it much better than we can, such as Bullpup sports activities.
  • # 3 – Our goal when we began was to more than anything else – provide a media outlet to help gain attention to those activities and events going on In the smaller communities within the greater McPherson County area. Happenings within Canton, Conway, Galva, Inman, Little River, Lindsborg, Marquette, Moundridge, Roxbury and even Windom. While we will also continue to try and keep up with media love to those McPherson happenings which are not being covered anywhere else.
  • # 4 – We do not run with any advertising and instead would appreciate anyone interested in helping SPONSOR our website/Facebook page postings, would kindly contact Will at!!
  • # 5 – We are proud to be one of only two media outlets keeping the greater McPherson County area updated on the latest COVID-19 news the same day in which any new announcements/reports are given.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning this week, we will no longer post any summer youth baseball or softball stories any earlier than beginning on Wednesday afternoon.

This comes from the fact that many teams are not getting game and individual stats to me either with an email or by gamechanger (at

Since I strive in getting not only a team summary but also game summaries plus both team and individual stats posted – I have learned that not all games are being posted by Monday afternoon following weekend games.

Since I have been going by what is available either by game information or by upcoming and/or current schedules posted – I have learned that my information is not always accurate when I post them too early. So, these are the reasons why I will no longer be posting them before mid-week.


  • If you have any information about activities and/or events going on within the greater McPherson County area – please get them to me and I promise we will do our best to get them posted on our website and Facebook pages.
  • If you would like to be a SPONSOR ANY OF OUR POSTINGS – please contact Will at The amount of time it takes to keep the website,, and Facebook page,, active – I will need some sponsors as they do take away from other writing projects at CrossDove Writers. SPONSORED POSTINGS are reasonable, as little as $10-$20 per week depending on the number of SPONSORS I have and the number of postings in which they are listed as sponsors. ANY AND ALL SPONSORS will also get media love postings about their persons or businesses at least twice per month!! Help us keep the website/Facebook pages flowing – be willing to BE A SPONSOR!!

I have much regret with asking for your sponsorships and understanding as to the timing of some postings – but also feel it was becoming necessary as we continue to try our best in offering a great service to the greater MCPHERSON COUNTY AREA with our work.

Thank you all for the support and I do look forward to working with you all for a long time into the future!!

Will of CrossDove Writers,, and