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LYONS – The 14U Bullpup baseball team went on the road Tuesday and scored a doubleheader sweep of Lyons by the scores of 20-2 and 19-4.

Ryker Dossett and Carter Thul combined to throw a no-hitter in the first game while Gunner Schumacher went five-for-five in the two games while also hitting for a triple, stealing four bases, and scoring five times.

Here are the game summaries as well as the individual and team statistics for both games:

GAME 1 – vs. Lyons, Tuesday, June 16:

In game one on Tuesday, the 14U Bullpups scored a 20-2 domination over Lyons thanks to the two-run, no-hitter thrown by Ryker Dossett and Carter Thul.

Dossett threw three innings of no-hit ball while giving up just 2 unearned runs, walking three and striking out six before Thul came in and closed out the final inning where he walked three and struck out three.

At the plate, both Logan Meier and Gunner Schumacher hit for triples while Schumacher and Blaise Hoover each scored a pair of stolen bases as the Pups stole a total of eight in the game. Schumacher ended the game with three hits and scored three runs. Also scoring three times were Hoover and Meier.

1             2             3             4             5             6             7             R             H            E

14U PUPS            3             2             5             10           X             X             X             20           9             3

Lyons                    0             0             2             0             X             X             X             2             0             2

BULLPUPS 14U HITTING {AB-R-H-RBI-BB}: Kale French 4-0-1-2-0; Gunner Schumacher 3-3-3-1-1; Blaise Hoover 1-3-0-0-3; Logan Meier 3-3-1-5-0; Owen Fetsch 2-2-1-1-1; Alex Wheat 2-1-1-1-1; Gavin Wasmuth 1-2-0-0-2; Joey Miller 2-2-1-0-1; Ryker Dossett 1-2-1-2-2; Carter Thul 2-1-0-1-1; Eli Clarke 0-1-0-2-1; Cale Dahlstrom 1-1-0-3-2; Kaden Harold 1-0-0-1-2. TEAM TOTALS: 23-20-9-19-17.

TRIPLES (2): Logan Meier, Gunner Schumacher – 1. STOLEN BASES (8): Blaise Hoover, Gunner Schumacher – 2; Logan Meier, Joey Miller, Gavin Wasmuth, Alex Wheat – 1.

BULLPUPS 14U PITCHING {IP-P-ST-H-R-ER-SO-BB}: Ryker Dossett 3.0-56-30-0-2-0-6-3; Carter Thul 1.0-31-12-0-0-0-3-3. TEAM TOTALS: 4.0-87-42-0-2-0-9-6.

GAME 2 – vs. Lyons, Tuesday, June 16:

Game two of the Tuesday doubleheader was similar to the first game as the 14U Bullpups hammered out six runs in the first inning, one in the second and then powered across 12 runs in the third on their way to a 19-4 pounding of Lyons to sweep the doubleheader.

The Pups offense only needed 10 hits to gain the win as they took advantage of Lyons committing six errors in the game.

Only Owen Fetsch and Gunner Schumacher had two hits each, while Fetsch drove in three runs as did Gavin Wasmuth and Carter Thul. Thul hit for a double while the 14U Pups ran crazy on the base paths, stealing 10 bases including a pair each for Eli Clarke, Cale Dahlstrom and Schumacher.

Alex Wheat went all three innings on the mound, throwing 44 strikes among his 67 pitches and giving up just four hits and one earned run while walking just one and striking out five.

1             2             3             4             5             6             7             R             H            E

13U PUPS            6             1             12           X             X             X             X             19           10           3

Lyons                   3             1             0             X             X             X             X             4             4             6

BULLPUPS 14U HITTING {AB-R-H-RBI-BB}: Kaden Harold 2-2-0-0-1; Cale Dahlstrom 1-2-1-1-2; Eli Clarke 1-2-0-2-2; Carter Thul 1-1-1-3-1; Ryker Dossett 2-2-0-1-1; Joey Miller 2-2-1-1-1; Gavin Wasmuth 3-1-1-3-0; Alex Wheat 1-1-0-0-1; Owen Fetsch 3-1-2-3-0; Logan Meier 1-1-1-1-0; Blaise Hoover 1-1-0-0-0; Gunner Schumacher 2-2-2-2-0; Kale French 2-1-1-0-0. TEAM TOTALS: 22-19-10-17-9.

DOUBLES (1): Carter Thul – 1. STOLEN BASES (10): Eli Clarke, Cale Dahlstrom, Gunner Schumacher – 2; Owen Fetsch, Logan Meier, Gavin Wasmuth, Alex Wheat – 1.

BULLPUPS 14U PITCHING {IP-P-ST-H-R-ER-SO-BB}: Alex Wheat 3.0-67-44-4-4-1-5-1.

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