Traffic Stop Tuesday Postings are presented by the McPherson Police Department

This Tuesday they are talking about ‘ONE-WAY GLASS & SUN SCREENING DEVICES’.

With the sizzling Kansas Temperatures lately, you may be thinking about tinting your vehicle’s windows or installing a new sun-screening device.

Before you do, there are a few restrictions we would like to remind you of, which are listed in Standard Traffic Ordinance 181.

In a summary, Standard Traffic Ordinance, Sec. 181 pertaining to One-Way Glass and Sun Screening Devices says:

  • No motor vehicle registered in the state of Kansas and which is operated on the highways of the city of McPherson shall be equipped with a one-way glass or any sun-screening device on the windshield, side wings, side windows or rear windows that to not meet the following requirements.
  • A SUN SCREENING DEVICE when used in conjunction with the windshield shall be non-reflective and shall not be red, yellow, or amber in color.
  • A SUN SCREENING DEVICE shall be used only along the top of the windshield and shall not extend downward beyond the AS1 line, which is clearly defined and marked.
  • A SUN SCREENING DEVICE when used in conjunction with the side wings or side windows located at the immediate right and left of the driver, the side windows behind the driver and the rearmost window shall be non-reflective.
  • The total light transmission shall not be less than 35% when a sun-screening device is used in conjunction with other existing sun screening devices.

07-28-2020 One way screening devices

This ordinance does not apply to the windows of a law enforcement motor vehicle, which is identified as such by words or other symbols on the outside of the vehicle.

It also does not prohibit labels, stickers, or other informational signs that are required or permitted by law.

Please remember this ordinance before you make any changes to your motor vehicle to avoid a citation.

Darkened windows, less than 35% total light transmission, drastically affects the driver’s ability to see at night which creates safety issues.

Please refer to the attached photos to gain some perspective.

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