Traffic Stop Tuesday Postings are presented by the McPherson Police Department

This Tuesday, September 1, they are talking about ‘SCHOOL ZONE VIOLATIONS’.

09-01-2020 School Bus Safety - 1

School has pretty much started throughout McPherson County, so pay attention to SCHOOL BUS SAFETY.

{Editor’s Note: Two schools within McPherson County began the new school year on Thursday, August 20th, with those being Elyria Christian School and Inman USD 448. Little River USD 444 is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 25th while St. Joseph Catholic School begins classes on Wednesday, August 26th and Canton/Galva USD 419 starts on Thursday, August 27th. Both McPherson USD 418 and Moundridge USD 423 will begin classes on Tuesday, September 1 and Smoky Valley USD 400 will be the final school in the county to begin classes on Thursday, September 3.}

The McPherson Police Department with their TRAFFIC STOP TUESDAY REPORT for Tuesday, September 1, will be talking about driving in SCHOOL ZONES!!


Continuing with our SCHOOL TRAFFIC SAFETY THEME this week, we are addressing school buses.

As most of you are aware, on school days, school buses are in and around the city of McPherson and McPherson County actively loading and unloading students before, during and after school.

Standard Traffic Ordinance (STO) Sec. 81 OVERTAKING and PASSING a SCHOOL BUS states:

  • The driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking from either direction any school bus stopped on the highway shall STOP before reaching such school bus WHEN THE RED FLASHING LIGHTS on the school bus are in operation and the driver of a vehicle shall not proceed until such school bus resumes motion or the flashing red lights and the stop signal arm are no longer actuated.
  • For the CHILDREN’S SAFETY, please SLOW DOWN as you approach a bus with the yellow lights of the bus activated, and STOP on BOTH SIDES of the road when the red lights are activated and the STOP ARM SIGNAL IS OUT!!

PLEASE BUCKLE UP, DRIVE SAFELY, SLOW DOWN, and WATCH OUT for our children making their way to and from a school bus.

09-01-2020 School Bus Safety - 2

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