By William

HESSTON – On Thursday at the Hesston Cross Country Invitational, the Canton/Galva team only had three runners on the course, but one finished second, another placed 12th and the third finished in the top 30 of a very strong group of harriers.

The Eagles Morgan Becker, just a junior, ran a strong 17:11 and placed second in the Class 3-2-1A Junior Boy Division. Finishing 12th in the same race was Christian Darrah, also just a junior.

“It was another strong performance today for the duo of Morgan (Becker) and Christian (Darrah) at Hesston,” noted Eagle Head Coach Lyle Silsby. They both started the race well and were both fairly strong through the two mile mark. Both said that the third mile was tough today, but both were able to finish strong at the end, and Christian was able to fight off a hard charging competitor at the finish line. Both boys continue to get a little better each day, and we just hope to keep that trend going.”

Representing the Canton/Galva girls team, senior Sarah Kendall run a 35:13 and placed 27th in the Class 3-2-1A senior Girls Division.

According to Coach Silsby, “Sarah (Kendall) ran a better race today than last week and continues to get stronger every day.”

Eagle Coach Silsby concluded his post meet reflections by saying, “It was tough to know how the kids really did until all the races were completed today with the format that they implemented because of the pandemic, but it did allow us to run against some amazing athletes from Smoky Valley and Wichita Collegiate, which I think helped both the boys push themselves.”

Next up for the Canton/Galva cross country team will a road meet at Herington on Thursday, September 17.

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