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INMAN – It was a season of many more highs than lows for the Inman Teuton football team as they finished with an overall final record of 9-3 after losing in the Class 1A state semifinals to Oakley.

Only three lows for a whole season is impressive, as the Teutons began the season with a loss to Hutchinson Trinity, rumbled through a six game winning streak before closing out the regular season schedule with their second loss, this time to Smith Center.

Inman then finished the season by winning three straight games in the Class 1A playoffs before losing in the semifinals and finishing just nine points short of playing for a state championship.

“As I sit and reflect on the final game of the season, I am sad because I know we had chances to move on and play for a state title,” noted Teuton Head Coach Lance Sawyer. “As I sit and reflect on the season itself, I am so proud of these guys. They were the most enjoyable team I have ever been around. They played with so much enjoyment, so much toughness, and so much pride. This was a team that truly was just that, a TEAM! It was a team that was genuinely happy for the accomplishments of each other.”

The team effort reflected on the 12 Teutons who earned All-District honors, including seven who were named first team and that includes Carter Brown who was also named District 3 Defensive Player of the Year.

When you look over the team stats for the season, it would seem that Inman played some dominating football as they out gained opponents 4,103 yards to just 1,883 yards while running 45 less plays on offense during the season.

The Teuton offense ran the ball a lot, averaging 208.67 yards per game while junior Jace Doerksen led the passing game with 1,546 of the teams 1,599 yards in the air. As a team the Teutons threw for 19 touchdowns while running for another 47.

Kendyn Blank, just a junior, led the Teutons in rushing with 742 yards on just 86 carries, while freshman Tanner Heckel ran for 448 yards. Inman had seven different players rush for over 150 yards on the season and only one of them, Carter Brown, will be lost to graduation before the 2021 season.

When Doerksen was throwing the ball, his two favorite targets were senior Derick Johnson and junior Kendyn Blank who caught 19 and 20 passes for 415 and 369 yards respectively while both sophomore Eli Brunk and junior Kyler Konrade each covered more than 200 yards receiving as well.

Defensively, Inman held their opponents to a measly 50.75 yards per game passing and just 106.17 yards on the ground. Incredibly 13 Teutons recorded at least 25 tackles on the season led by Konrade with 138 and Carter Brown with 126 while Darien Dawes made 75 tackles and Dawson Mannebach recorded 61.

While the Teutons will return a very strong nucleus of players next fall, including starters at all the key positions, they will say good bye in the spring to seniors Carter Brown, Mason Carter, Darien Dawes, Thomas Evans, Cole Hase, Derick Johnson, Nate Shober and Brock Sivils.

Coach Sawyer concluded his post-season reflections by talking about the seniors, saying, “I am so proud of our seniors. They were the group that turned everything around for Inman football through hard work in the weight room and leadership on the field as they saw the Teuton football program go from being 0-9 three years ago to playing for a chance to play in the state championship this fall. Our program is in a better place because of them and they will be deeply missed.”



                                                            TEUTONS                    Opponents

Total Offense (Plays-Yards)                534-4,103                    578-1,883

Passing (Comp-Atts-Yds-Tds)             96-155-1,599-19         52-124-609-2

Passing Yards Per Game                     133.25                         50.75

Rushing (Atts-Yds-Tds)                       379-2,504-47               454-1,274-15

Rushing Yards Per Game                    208.67                         106.17

1st Downs                                            204                              113

3rd Down Conversions                        47.06%                                    31.88%

4th Down Conversions                        46.15%                                    40.63%

Turnovers                                           12                                20


PASSING = Games – Completions – Attempts – % – Yards – Touchdowns – Interceptions

Jace Doerksen (Jr) 12-92-145-63.45%-1,546-18-7

Tanner Heckel (Fr) 12-2-4-50.00%-27-0-0

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-1-2-50.00%-13-0-0

Eli Brunk (Soph) 11-1-2-50.00%-13-1-0

Carter Brown (Sr) 11-0-1-0.00%-0-0-0

Kellen Schrag (Fr) 5-0-1-0.00%-0-0-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-96-155-61.94%-1,599-19-7

RUSHING = Games – Carries – Yards – Average – Per Game – Touchdowns

Kendyn Blank (Jr) 12-86-742-8.63-61.83-11

Tanner Heckel (Fr) 12-54-448-8.30-37.33-9

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-53-288-5.43-24.00-6

Jace Doerksen (Jr) 12-63-288-4.57-24.00-6

Carter Brown (Sr) 11-49-262-5.35-23.82-6

Harrison Brunk (Soph) 11-26-208-8.00-18.91-5

Talon Welch (Fr) 9-17-167-9.82-18-56-1

Kellen Schrag (Fr) 5-8-40-5.00-8.00-0

Derick Johnson (Sr) 11-3-30-10.00-2.73-0

Nate Shober (Sr) 12-8-23-2.88-1.92-2

T.J. Froes (Fr) 2-3-4-1.33-2.00-0

Dawson McConnell (Fr) 2-1-3-3.00-1.50-0

Brock Sivils (Sr) 6-1-1-1.00-0.17-1

Samuel Shober (Soph) 9-5-1-0.20-0.11-0

Luke Nichols (Jr) 2-2-(-1)-(-0.5)-(0.5)-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-379-2,504-6.61-208.67-47

RECEIVING: Games – Receptions – Yards – Average – Touchdowns

Derick Johnson (Sr) 11-19-415-21.84-6

Kendyn Blank (Jr) 12-20-369-18.45-3

Eli Brunk (Soph) 11-13-273-21.00-2

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-17-208-12.24-3

Tanner Heckel (Fr) 12-11-135-12.27-1

Carter Brown (Sr) 11-8-94-11.75-3

Mason Carter (Sr) 7-2-35-17.50-0

Zachary Martisko (Fr) 5-1-17-17.00-0

Harrison Brunk (Soph) 11-2-17-8.50-0

Samuel Shober (Soph) 9-1-13-13.00-1

Luke Nichols (Jr) 2-1-13-13.00-0

Josiah Buller (Soph) 6-1-10-10.00-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-96-1,599-16.66-19

DEFENSE: Games – Tackles – Solo – Assist – Sacks – TFL

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-138-39-99-2-8

Carter Brown (Sr) 11-126-45-81-1-9

Darien Dawes (Sr) 12-75-13-62-0-2

Dawson Mannebach (Jr) 12-61-24-37-1-7

Jace Doerksen (Jr) 12-57-22-35-0-1

Grant Thimmesch (Jr) 12-51-22-29-2-11

Thomas Evans (Sr) 12-46-12-34-0-4

Nate Shober (Sr) 45-10-35-0-1

Kendyn Blank (Jr) 12-40-15-25-0-0

Eli Brunk (Soph) 11-39-11-28-0-2

Tanner Heckel (Fr) 12-38-15-23-0-0

Mason Carter (Sr) 7-27-11-16-0-3

Samuel Shober (Soph) 9-25-8-17-0-0

Dominic Nues-Rasmussen (Soph) 7-14-6-8-0-3

Brock Sivils (Sr) 6-11-2-9-0-1

Talon Welch (Fr) 9-10-0-10-0-0

Derick Johnson (Sr) 11-9-6-3-0-0

Cole Hase (Sr) 8-8-1-7-0-1

Zachary Martisko (Fr) 5-6-2-4-0-0

Josiah Buller (Soph) 6-5-2-3-0-1

Kellen Schrag (Fr) 5-3-1-2-0-0

Christian Winsky (Jr) 2-3-1-2-0-0

Harrison Brunk (Soph) 11-3-1-2-0-0

Rhett Gilkey (Soph) 1-1-0-1-0-0

Lakin McEuen (Soph) 2-1-0-1-0-0

Zaden Johnson (Soph) 1-1-0-1-0-0

Jesse Ballard (Fr) 1-1-1-0-0-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-844-271-573-6-54

KICKING: Games – FG Made/FG Attempts – XP Made/XP Attempts – Points

Carter Brown (Sr) 11-0/3-45/51-45

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-0/0-2/5-2

TEAM TOTALS: 12-0/3-47/56-47

PUNTING: Games – Punts – Average – Inside 20

Derick Johnson (Sr) 11-7-37.29-3

Dawson McConnell (Fr) 2-1-18.00-0

Rest of Team 12-1-31.00-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-10-31.00-3

KICKOFF RETURNS: Games – Returns – Average – Touchdowns

Tanner Heckel (Fr) 12-8-149-18.63-1

Kendyn Blank (Jr) 12-4-21.00-0

Eli Brunk (Soph) 11-3-22.33-1

Harrison Brunk (Soph) 11-4-14.75-0

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-3-19.00-0

Talon Welch (Fr) 9-1-13.00-0

Carter Brown (Sr) 11-1-10.00-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-30-15.63-2

PUNT RETURNS: Games – Returns – Average – Touchdowns

Jace Doerksen (Jr) 12-6-19.00-0

Harrison Brunk (Soph) 11-5-18.60-1

Kyler Konrade (Jr) 12-6-15.00-0

Grant Thimmesch (Jr)12-1-12.00-0

Brock Sivils (Sr) 6-1-0.00-0

Josiah Buller (Soph) 6-1-0.00-0

Others 12-31-1.42-0

TEAM TOTALS: 12-51-6.92-1

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