CrossDove Creations is one of those home based businesses who helps make America tick.

CrossDove Creations is a SPONSOR for the website, a website that is geared toward all the communities in McPherson County – especially the sports and activities of the six school districts, trying to give them some media love.

Here are several items for which could make perfect Christmas or Holiday gifts for family and friends while the etsy store also has many Christmas based items.

All of these are available at

These are just a few items that are available from CrossDove Creations and we know that they will be adding more over the coming weekend……

For the kid who loves his Woody and Buzz from Toy Story:

For the kid who loves his monsters friends from Monster, Inc.:

For those family and friends who cherish their dog and understand a pillow like this:

How about a mug or pillow that describes to perfection the way a family is put together “Like a Quilt”:

For a grandparent in the world who treasures their role with their grandkids:

If someone you know is from Kansas or just loves sunflowers – this mug is perfect for them:

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Thanx and may all have a very Merry Christmas.