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MCPHERSON – Monday saw another report released by the McPherson County Health Department, the County showed an increase of 52 new cases of the Coronavirus since the report they released on Friday, December 18.

We have still listed the quarantined guidelines for McPherson County as a response to the CDC recommendations and the response by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment regarding close contacts.


With Monday’s report, McPherson County has now recorded a total of 2,239 positive cases overall.

Of those 2,239 cases, 1,269 are now considered recovered according to the recovery guidelines set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment or passed away while sick. This gives McPherson County 970 cases still considered active after you remove the confirmed individuals who have passed away from the coronavirus, aa decrease of two since Friday.

Also with Monday’s report the county is showing a decrease of two of individuals being hospitalized, giving the total being treated in area hospitals at this point as 20.

Also, in the report there were no additional deaths since the Friday report, which means the death total still stands at 22.


With Monday’s report, Shea noted, “Not a terrible increase in cases this weekend. Still great though. Let’s hope we are getting back to normal and this isn’t just the lull between the holidays (and yes, my optimism is still existent for some odd reason.)”

From last Friday, “Nest week, information on the COVID-19 Vaccines will be rolling out from our office and our partners. Stay tuned!”

Previously – “We made it another week. It was a rough weekend, with a number of new deaths being recorded. Our hearts are extremely heavy for the families that have lost loved ones. This time of year does not make it any easier. Please check on your family and friends during these times. Quarantine and isolation is heavy, especially nine months into the pandemic.”

UPDATED CASE DATA (# change since last report on Friday, December 18):

  • New cases since last public release = 52
  • Asymptomatic Cases = 7 (+2)
  • Cases with an unknown exposure = 986 (+19)
  • Cases involving those individuals 60 years and older = 716 (+12)
  • Cases involving those individuals 50-59 years old = 313 (+11)
  • Cases involving those individuals 40-49 years old = 280 (+8)
  • Cases involving those individuals 30-39 years old = 279 (+6)
  • Cases involving those individuals 18-29 years old = 442 (+13)
  • Cases involving those individuals under 18 years old = 209 (+2)
  • Female involved cases = 1,163 (+21)
  • Male involved cases = 1,076 (+31)
  • Those cases requiring Hospitalization (May not represent current hospitalizations) = 88 (no change)
  • Those cases requiring ventilation (May not represent any current ventilated cases) = 7 (no change)
  • Those cases resulting an individual’s death = 22 (no change)
  • Male COVID Patients who have died by age (total of 17): 86, 90, 96, 78, 90, 81, 66, 39, 91, 92, 52, 80, 30, 72, 82, 88, and 85.
  • Female COVID Patients who have died by age (total of 5): 92, 89, 94, 66, and 82.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their quarantine recommendation in response to local circumstances and resources.

The KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) is supporting these recommendations but leaving it up to each Kansas County to decide what method they implement.

The McPherson County Health Department will be implementing the following protocols regarding quarantine and isolation for COVID-19:

  • Someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19 will be required to isolate for 10-days from symptom onset and may be released from isolation when they have isolated for 10-days AND have had significant symptom improvement AND have been 72-hours fever-free without any fever reducing medication.
  • Someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19 but are not having any symptoms are required to isolate for 10-days from their COVID-19 positive test date and may be released from isolation after they have been isolated for 10-days and have not developed any symptoms.
  • Someone who is identified as a CLOSE CONTACT (within six-feet for 10-minutes or longer) of a positive COVID-19 test case are required to quarantine for 10-days from the last exposure to the positive case.


  • If the close contact individual becomes symptomatic during quarantine, they should seek testing.
  • If the close contact individual does not become symptomatic by day seven (7) of their quarantine, they may seek PCR testing (not antigen testing) if they so wish. If their result comes back before their 10th day of quarantine and the test is negative, they may be released at that time. If the test comes back as positive, they must begin their own 10-day isolation as an asymptomatic case from their test date. (As per earlier recommendations)
  • If the close contact individual does not have symptoms and does not want to be tested or cannot find a location to get a PCR test – they are required to quarantine for 10-days.
  • If the close contact individual is a long-term care or assisted living resident, or an inmate of a state correctional facility, they are required by the KDHE to remain in quarantine for a full 14-days because of their high-risk living setting.



The McPherson County Health Department is working closely with key partners to evaluate the school year.

It is our goal to continue to keep the community informed.

The percent of positive cases out of how many McPherson County residents were tested during a 14-day period will facilitate the McPherson County Health Department recommendations.

Previously, the McPherson County Health Department would remove those being tested for preoperational reasons from the total number of those tested to better gauge the number of ill patients that were positive for COVID-19.

Starting September 11, the McPherson County Health Department will no longer remove preoperational tests from the number reported to represent community spread data more accurately.

The data reported below are not the only data that influences the recommendation to move to more-or-less restrictions.

Criteria that will influence the recommendation to move schools to more or less restrictive measures can be found on http://www.mcphersoncountyks.us on the home page under “COVID-19: Reopening McPherson County.”

Data has been updated to reflect the above-mentioned changes includes:

Dates               # New Positives          # Tested          % Positive       % Positive w/o Pre-Ops

6/19 to 7/12               22                        449                  4.89%              5.47%

7/13 to 7/26               30                        312                  9.61%              11.49%

7/27 to 8/9                 32                        311                  10.28%            12.64%

8/10 to 8/23               20                        282                  7.09%              8.62%

8/24 to 9/6                 38                        321                  11.83%            14.39%

9/7 to 9/20                  38                       419                  9.06%              10.10%

9/21 to 10/4                 21                      394                  5.32%              6.12%

10/5 to 10/18               62                      446                  13.90%            N/A

10/19 to 11/1               184                    575                  32.00%               N/A   

11/2 to 11/15              521                    1,227               42.46%               N/A

11/16 to 11/29           491                  918                  53.48%                        N/A    

11/30 to 12/13*         493                  730                  67.53%                        N/A

*=Numbers may change as more results are reported to the McPherson County Health Department from those time periods.

(Editor’s Note) While some of the following information may seem repetitious, it is still incredibly important for people to continue reading, processing, and acknowledging the situation and severity of the coronavirus.


McPherson County has returned to Phase 2 of Reopening Kansas.

Updated documents can be found at http://www.mcphersoncountyks.us on the home page, under ‘COVID-19: Reopening McPherson County.’

McPherson County Health Department recommends McPherson County remains in Phase 2 at least until November 23rd, 2020.

McPherson County residents are encouraged to help slow the spread of coronavirus by:

  • Following Phase 2 of Reopening Kansas and McPherson County (www.mcphersoncountyks.us).
  • Maintaining social distancing.
  • Avoiding gatherings in groups greater than 15-persons.
  • Wearing cloth face coverings or homemade masks when in public.
  • Practicing cough etiquette and washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


Both the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the McPherson County Health Department have updated their listing of required quarantine after traveling out of state.

They continue to mandate a 10-day home quarantine for Kansans if you have done any of the following:

  • Attended/traveled to a mass gathering event (out-of-state) of 500 people or greater where individuals did not do six-foot distancing and wear face masks.

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