By William

MCPHERSON – Instead of the normal Wednesday evening Coronavirus/COVID-19 update on County numbers, the McPherson County Health Department released instead a special announcement and message to the folks of McPherson County.

“Whew!,” noted McPherson County Health Department Director Shalei Shea. “We made it to Wednesday finally.”

Shea continued with her special HOLIDAY MESSAGE by adding, “We are excited to have started vaccinating healthcare partners within the County today at the McPherson County Health Department with the limited number of doses we have received.”

Continuing, Shea said, “It was great to have some good news and good juju within the building. Every single person that received their vaccine was so happy to be here and so thankful for the opportunity! My nurses felt like this was the FIRST TIME in the last nine (9) months that the McPherson County Health Department was able to provide some really good news.”

With that, Director Shea concluded her special Holiday message by stating, “With that being said, we are closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Due to that – THERE WILL NOT BE A CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 UPDATE from the McPherson County Health Department today (Wednesday, December 23) or on Friday (December 25). I hope each of you find some time to enjoy family and reflect on how grateful we each should be for healthy loved ones. But MOST OF ALL – I hope Santa comes to your house, :}! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!”

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