By William

MCPHERSON – According to the cluster number report as released on Wednesday, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment shows just one (1) facility from McPherson County still listed as a Cluster Exposure Facility.

The only facility still listed is Moundridge Manor in Moundridge and it is considered a long-term care facility.

Moundridge Manor shows just 5 cases in this week’s report, a decrease of eight from the previous week.

The lone McPherson County Facility still listed by the KDHE is:

  • Moundridge Manor Long-Term Care in Moundridge with 5 current active cases which is a decrease from 8 a week ago.

Other COVID-19 UPDATE numbers showing up on the KDHE Wednesday, January 13, 2021 reports that concern McPherson County include:

  • This week’s numbers according to the KDHE shows that McPherson County has an 93.0 case rate per 1,000 tests taken (the state of Kansas is currently showing an average of 86.51 positive cases per 1,000).
  • McPherson County is currently showing a testing rate of 329.5 per 1,000, a number that has gone up 16.1 since the report of a week earlier (the current state of Kansas rate is 1,778 per 100,000).

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