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COFFEYVILLE – Despite a last minute change of venue due to pool conditions that put the McPherson/Smoky Valley girls swim team on a trip to Coffeyville instead of Winfield, the Lady Bullpups/Lady Vikings took first in five events while running away from the field of nine teams to score a Invitational Victory with a whopping 525 points.

Host Winfield was the next closest team with 407 while Independence, Fort Scott and Coffeyville rounded out the top five in the team standings.

Just a freshman, Danica Brunk was the star of the meet as she won both the 200 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly with state qualifying times while also swimming a leg on both the 200 Medley and 400 Freestyle Relay teams, both of which also swam state qualifying times.

Kierstan Trost, a junior, also swam well, getting first in the 200 Individual Medley while also being a member of both the winning 200 Medley and 400 Freestyle Relay teams.

In the 200 Freestyle Relay event, the McPherson entry took first and swam a state consideration time with an all-Smoky Valley group of Avery Van Der Wege, MacKenzie Heline, Adrien Lochard, and Karik Elliott.

“Despite having our meet moved from Winfield to Coffeyville due to pool issues at the last minute, the girls had an extremely exciting day of swimming,” noted Head Coach Abby Bradstreet. “Every single one of them has something to be very proud of as well as the whole team by placing first overall. We had tons of best times throughout the day as well as five state qualifying times and four state consideration times. It was also really exciting to see our 400 Freestyle Relay teams place first and second overall.”

Others making state consideration times during the meet were Kierstan Trost, both when she won the 200 Individual Medley as well as her swim in the 100 Freestyle. Karik Elliott earned a state consideration time when she finished second in the 100 Backstroke, while Alexis Smith got state consideration for her time in the 100 Backstroke.

Coach Bradstreet concluded her post-meet reflections by saying, “This group of girls is absolutely wonderful to work with. They work hard, support each other, and have a great time swimming. It is fun to watch them grow and succeed as individuals and as one team.”

The girls have a quick turn around as they will be back in the competitive pool on Thursday when they travel to Salina for the seven-team Salina South Invitational.


TEAM RESULTS: 1. LADY BULLPUPS 525; 2. Winfield 407; 3. Independence 272.50; 4. Fort Scott 228; 5. Coffeyville Field Kindley 207.50; 6. El Dorado 163; 7. Labette County 149; 8. Wichita Classical 83; 9. Rose Hill 41.


200 Medley Relay: 1. McPherson ‘A’ team 2:05.43 (Marissa Pearcy, Danica Brunk, Kierstan Trost, Alexis Smith); 9. McPherson ‘B’ team 2:28.08 (Olivia Mader, Zoey Whorton, MacKenzie Heline, Mariah Andrewson); 11. McPherson ‘C’ team 2:38.82 (Skylar Nutt, Kaylea Herrman, Emily Heskett, Chloe Patrick).

200 Freestyle: 1. Danica Brunk 2:01.58; 3. Avery Van Der Wege 2:27.80; 5. Adrien Lochard 2:36.44.

200 Individual Medley: 1. Kierstan Trost 2:32.69; 6. Olivia Mader 2:57.90; 11. Skylar Nutt 3:14.67.

50 Freestyle: 2. Marissa Pearcy 26.71; 4. Avery Van Der Wege 28.77; 6. Alexis Smith 30.12.

100 Butterfly: 1. Danica Brunk 1:05.26; 7. MacKenzie Heline 1:28.06; 10. Emily Heskett 1:39.28.

100 Freestyle: 5. Kierstan Trost 59.67; 6. Karik Elliott 1:00.34; 7. Zoey Whorton 1:04.88.

500 Freestyle: 2. Marissa Pearcy 5:45.44; 6. MacKenzie Heline 7:08.52.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. McPherson ‘A’ team 1:56.72 (Avery Van Der Wege, MacKenzie Heline, Adrien Lochard, Karik Elliott); 8. McPherson ‘B’ team 2:17.09 (Emily Heskett, Avery Kruckenberg, Mariah Andrewson, Olivia Mader); 10. McPherson ‘C’ team 2:25.90 (Zoe McHenry, Kaylea Herrman, Chloe Patrick, Skylar Nutt).

100 Backstroke: 2. Karik Elliott 1:08.73; 3. Alexis Smith 1:10.76; 8. Adrien Lochard 1:19.44.

100 Breaststroke: 7. Zoey Whorton 1:30.46; 11. Emily Heskett 1:32.27; 16. Mariah Andrewson 1:39.58.

400 Freestyle Relay: 1. McPherson ‘A’ team 3:57.36 (Zoey Whorton, Kierstan Trost, Marissa Pearcy, Danica Brunk); 2. McPherson ‘B’ team 4:21.59 (Avery Van Der Wege, Adrien Lochard, Alexis Smith, Karik Elliott).


200 Medley Relay team of Marissa Pearcy, Danica Brunk, Kierstan Trost, & Alexis Smith.

200 Freestyle = Danica Brunk

100 Butterfly = Danica Brunk

400 Freestyle Relay team of Zoey Whorton, Kierstan Trost, Marissa Pearcy, & Danica Brunk.


200 Individual Medley = Kierstan Trost

100 Freestyle = Kierstan Trost

Smoky Valley 200 Freestyle Relay team of Avery Van Der Wege, MacKenzie Heline, Adrien Lochard, & Karik Elliott

100 Backstroke = Karik Elliott of Smoky Valley

100 Backstroke = Alexis Smith

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