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NEWTON – While they did not win the meet for the first time this season, the combo McPherson/Smoky Valley girls swim team still managed a third-place finish in a highly competitive 13 team field on Tuesday at the Newton Invitational.

The Lady Bullpup/Lady Vikings finished third in the team standings with 206 points just 30 points behind first-place Andover with 236 while Derby placed second with 225. Salina Central and Valley Center rounded out the top five of the team standings.

“Today was a day full of high and lows,” explained Head Coach Abby Bradstreet. “We had some amazing time drops, new state qualifications, and even another school record broken. However, we were missing four of our swimmers from the meet today and it really hurt the team in the long run, though we did place third (3rd) overall as a team and only 30 points behind first (1st) place Andover. Staying undefeated is something out team works hard to do and all the girls were really motivated to accomplish that goal and if we would have had all our swimmers available, we would have easily taken first.”

Leading the way for the Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking swimmers was freshman sensation Danica Brunk as she took individual gold (1st place) in both the 50 and 100 freestyle swims as well as anchoring the quartet gold winning 200 and 400 freestyle relay swims. Brunk also broke the McPherson school record in her winning the 50 freestyle.

Marissa Pearcy came home with three gold as she was the third leg on the two winning relay teams while also taking her individual goal in the 200 freestyle.

Avery Van Der Wege and Karik Elliott both earned two golds by swimming the first and second legs on the 200 and 400 freestyle relay swims.

Both Brunk in the 50 and 100 freestyle and Pearcy in the 200-freestyle made new state qualification times.

Coach Bradstreet concluded her post-meet reflections by saying, “Danica (Brunk) broth the 50 freestyle record while both her and Marissa (Pearcy) both made new state qualification times and Alexis Smith, Kaylea Herrman, Chloe Patrick and Zoe McHenry all had some huge time drops today. I am so proud of the girls who swam today and how hard they worked to overcome some of our other struggles. We look forward to having the rest of the week off to focus on some specific things regarding our races before being back in the pool next Tuesday.

The Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking swimmers will be back in the competitive pool next Tuesday at the 11-team Haysville/Campus Invitational.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Andover 236; 2. Derby 225; 3. LADY BULLPUPS/LADY VIKINGS 206; 4. Salina Central 137; 5. Valley Center 129; 6. Newton 108; 7. Salina South 82; 8. Buhler 79; 9. Hutchinson 64; 10. Circle 57; 11. Marion 47; 12. El Dorado 11; 13. Rose Hill 2.


200 Medley Relay: 9. Lady Bullpup/Lady Vikings ‘A’ team 2:23.83 (Alexis Smith, Zoey Whorton, Mackenzie Heline, Skylar Nutt).

200 Freestyle: 1. MARISSA PEARCY 2:08.74; 10. Adrien Lochard 2:34.86; 23. Skylar Nutt 3:17.55.

200 Individual Medley: 9. Alexis Smith 2:46.18.

50 Freestyle: 1. DANICA BRUNK 24.92; 7. Avery Van Der Wege 27.84; 11. Zoey Whorton 29.39.

100 Butterfly: 10. Mackenzie Heline 1:27.43.

100 Freestyle: 1. DANICA BRUNK 55.58; 6. Karik Elliott 1:01.04; 8. Avery Van Der Wege 1:03.19.

500 Freestyle: 8. Adrien Lochard 6:59.54; 11. Mackenzie Heline 7:27.83.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. LADY BULLPUP/LADY VIKING ‘A’ TEAM 1:47.62 (Avery Van Der Wege, Karik Elliott, Marissa Pearcy, Danica Brunk); 13. Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking ‘B’ team 2:12.17 (Skylar Nutt, Chloe Patrick, Mackenzie Heline, Adrien Lochard).

100 Backstroke: 1. MARISSA PEARCY 1:05.33; 5. Alexis Smith 1:08.70; 6. Karik Elliott 1:09.21.

100 Breaststroke: 8. Zoey Whorton 1:29.19; 14. Skylar Nutt 1:38.00.

400 Freestyle Relay: 1. LADY BULLPUP/LADY VIKING ‘A’ TEAM 4:01.42 (Avery Van Der Wege, Karik Elliott, Marissa Pearcy, Danica Brunk); 6. Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking ‘B’ team 4:46.71 (Zoey Whorton, Adrien Lochard, Alexis Smith, Chloe Patrick).


Danica Brunk in the 50 Freestyle.


Danica Brunk in both the 50 and 100 Freestyle.

Marissa Pearcy in the 200 Freestyle.

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