By William

VALLEY CENTER – Despite the cold of Monday, the McPherson Middle School boys tennis team still participated in the six-team, Valley Center Middle School Invitational and finished 3rd as a team while the # 3 Doubles tandem took 1st in their division.

Aaron Winter and Brandon Western went 5-0 for the day to take gold in the #3 Doubles division while the duos of Ethan Elder and Bryson Archer plus Owen Neighbors and Palmer Heskett each went 4-1 on the day to finish 2nd in the #1 and #2 Doubles division.

Bishop Brown, Roary Whorton and Zach Phillips all took third in their singles divisions while the #4 doubles tandem of Alex Hundley and Garrett Floyd also took third.

“I thought the boys battled hard today against some good competition,” noted Middle School Junior Pup head coach Paul Reichenberger. “It was great getting to play different schools today in Valley Center. Goddard Eisenhower and Valley Center played well today were able to edge us out in most of the head-to-head matches.”

Next up for the McPherson Middle School Junior Pups will be on Thursday at the Hutchinson Invitational.

Coach Reichenberger concluded his post-meet reflections by adding, “If our boys can find ways to be more aggressive and take control of matches, it will help us be more successful in the future. Sometimes, I feel like we lack that killer instinct, especially with the boys who are new to tennis. Overall though, I am very happy after a great day of tennis and this team makes coaching very enjoyable and I am grateful to have the opportunity to get them hooked on tennis!”


# 1 SINGLES = Bishop Brown finished 3rd, going 3-2 for the day.

# 2 SINGLES = Roary Whorton finished 3rd, going 3-2 for the day.

#3 SINGLES = Jeremy Elbert finished 4th, going 1-3 for the day.

# 4 SINGLES = Zach Phillips finished 3rd, going 1-2 for the day.

# 1 DOUBLES = Ethan Elder/Bryson Archer finished 2nd, going 4-1 for the day.

# 2 DOUBLES = Owen Neighbors/Palmer Heskett finished 2nd, going 4-1 for the day.

# 3 DOUBLES = Aaron Winter/Brandon Western finished 1st, going 5-0 for the day.

# 4 DOUBLES = Alex Hundley/Garrett Floyd finished 3rd, going 2-3 for the day.

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