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HAYSVILLE – Swimming in a 12-team invitational against many bigger schools on Tuesday, the McPherson/Smoky Valley girls swim team still finished fifth in the team standings while getting another state qualification time, another McPherson school record, and five first-place finishes.

The Lady Bullpups/Lady Vikings racked up 278 points as a team to finish fifth among 12 teams. Derby took the team title with 423 points while Maize, Haysville/Campus, and Winfield rounded out the top four.

“Overall, we had a great day of swimming today,” noted Head Coach Abby Bradstreet. “Almost every single one of our girls dropped time and earned a personal record in at least one event they swam. This group of girls continue to work hard, and it is definitely paying off for them.”

Danica Brunk once again proved her worth with a winning swim in both the 100 backstroke and 100 butterfly while also earning both a state qualification time and a new McPherson High School record in the backstroke.

Marissa Pearcy took an individual first in the 200 freestyle while both the 200 and 400 freestyle relay quartets of Avery Van Der Wege, Karik Elliott, Brunk and Pearcy also took first.

Coach Bradstreet continued her reflections by adding, “We had a new state qualification time and McPherson school record in the 100 backstroke from Danica (Brunk) while Zoey (Whorton) earned a new state consideration time in the 100 freestyle.”

Bradstreet concluded her reflections by talking about the meet and schools they competed against when she said, “There were 12 teams at today’s meet. It is always fun to swim in bigger meets even though we are one of the smallest teams. It allows us the opportunity to compete against some teams we have not seen this season yet and with that brings new challenges to our swims. We were once again short three of our key swimmers and that really took a toll on us as an overall team, especially at a meet of this size. We are looking forward to getting back in the pool on Friday with our entire team.”

Next up for the Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking swimmers will be on Friday when they swim at Salina South.


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Derby 423; 2. Maize 321; 3. Haysville/Campus 300; 4. Winfield 297; 5. LADY BULLPUP/LADY VIKINGS 278; 6. Maize South 207; 7. Great Bend 199; 8. Hutchinson 72; 9. Coffeyville Field Kindley 62; 10. Circle 56; 11. El Dorado 17; 12. Liberal 6.


200 Medley Relay = 10. Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking ‘A’ 2:23.93 (Alexis Smith, Zoey Whorton, Mackenzie Heline, Adrien Lochard); 18. Lady Bullpup/Lady Biking ‘B’ 2:35.98 (Olivia Mader, Kaylea Herrman, Skylar Nutt, Avery Kruckenberg).

200 Freestyle = 1. MARISSA PEARCY 2:04.90; 7. Avery Van Der Wege 2:23.38; 16. Olivia Mader 2:39.02.

200 Individual Medley = 11. Alexis Smith 2:46.66; 20. Skylar Nutt 3:12.92.

50 Freestyle = 6. Karik Elliott 27.17; 10. Avery Van Der Wege 27.76; 16. Zoey Whorton 29.29.

100 Butterfly = 1. DANICA BRUNK 1:05.11; 13. Mackenzie Heline 1:31.42.

100 Freestyle = 2. Marissa Pearcy 56.93; 6. Karik Elliott 1:01.51; 12. Adrien Lochard 1:08.02.

500 Freestyle = 14. Adrien Lochard 6:53.20; 17. Mackenzie Heline 7:25.20.

200 Freestyle Relay = 1. LADY BULLPUP/LADY VIKING ‘A’ 1:45.52 (Avery Van Der Wege, Karik Elliott, Danica Brunk, Marissa Pearcy); 20. Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking ‘B’ 2:16.57 (Chloe Patrick, Zoe McHenry, Skylar Nutt, Olivia Mader).

100 Backstroke = 1. DANICA BRUNK 1:00.24; 5. Zoey Whorton 1:10.02; 15. Olivia Mader 1:20.05.

100 Breaststroke = 16. Alexis Smith 1:35.47; 19. Skylar Nutt 1:38.09; 22. Kaylea Herrman 1:40.95.

400 Freestyle Relay = 1. LADY BULLPUP/LADY VIKING ‘A’ 3:56.68 (Karik Elliott, Avery Van Der Wege, Marissa Pearcy, Danica Brunk); 7. Lady Bullpup/Lady Viking ‘B’ 4:34.62 (Mackenzie Heline, Adrien Lochard, Alexis Smith, Zoey Whorton).


Danica Brunk in the 100 Backstroke.


Danica Brunk in the 100 Backstroke.


Zoey Whorton in the 100 Backstroke.

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