The website and facebook page will be taking an extended break, most likely through the end of July.

While we have so enjoyed covering the area school sports and more, it is time for a break.

Time is needed to recharge the batteries of staff as well as take care of some much needed family and health issues.

We very much appreciate the support the past year with our writes and information, and we do plan on picking it back up the first of August.

We will continue to post some items, for instance on the website we will continue to run the weekly Fire/EMS Log Reports and the updates on COVID-19/Coronavirus.

On our facebook page we will continue to glance at area school districts and communities to relay updated information when available.

Please feel free to email or message us any suggestions on what you might like to see when we get back up and running full-speed in August – any ideas are welcomed.

Looking forward to giving media love to all the area county schools and businesses beginning in the late summer and fall.

Until then, we apologize but a break is much needed.

The Staff of and CrossDove Writers