By William

MCPHERSON – At the July 12 McPherson USD 418 School Board Meeting, administrative and staff appointments were named for the fiscal year.

Appointments were:

Clerk of the Board = Jason McAfee

Assistant Clerk of the Board = Melissa Strathman

Treasurer = Jennifer Bertrand

Attendance Officers =

  • Eisenhower Elementary School = Chris Allen
  • Lincoln Elementary School = Christopher Korbe
  • McPherson High School = Audrey Herbst
  • McPherson Middle School = Brandon Simmelink
  • Roosevelt Elementary School = Todd Beam
  • Washington Elementary School = Jill Beam

School Food Authority = Bill Froese

Authorized Representative for Federal Programs = Jim Johnson

Hearing Officer for Free/Reduced Price Meal Application Appeals = Jason McAfee

KPERS Representative = Jim Johnson

Alternative KPERS Representative = Jennifer Bertrand

Hearing Officer for Suspension/Expulsion Appeal = Jason McAfee

Office of Civil Rights/Title IX Attendance Official = Jason McAfee

School Attorney = Brian L. Bina

Handicap Accessibility 504/ADA Assurance Official = Jason McAfee

Freedom of Information Officer = Shiloh Vincent

Municipal Investment Pool Investment Official = Jim Johnson

McKinney Homeless Student Coordinator = Shiloh Vincent

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