JV LOSES      

By William / www.mcpherson-county-ks.com

NEWTON – The McPherson boys soccer team opened their 2021 season by playing a 0-0 deadlock tie on the road at Newton on Saturday.

The Bullpups had four shots on goal while Kelvin Peterson did a super job in goal making six saves.

“The players battled in some brutal conditions today especially considering it was the season opener,” noted Bullpup head coach Chris Adrian. “When it comes to effort, I couldn’t have asked for more and the guys left everything on the field. It was a very even game as the score suggests while I though the team played well in the first half and created solid opportunities to score. Actually, they had the ball in the back of the net on two occasions, but unfortunately both goals were called back for a hand ball and a dangerous play.”

Continuing his post-game reflections, Coach Adrian added, “Newton made some adjustments and put us on our heels in the second half as their speed on the wings were a threat and we became a little unorganized at times and we stopped passing the ball as our fatigue set in. Overtime was all about grit and perseverance and I was really happy with what I saw as we defended the ball well and hit Newton on the counter-attack a couple of times and almost scored a goal in the final two minutes.”

Coach Adrian concluded his reflections by acknowledging the work of the Bullpup goalie when he said, “Kelvin Peterson had a strong game in the goal as he came up huge on a couple of occasions and did a nice job making savers without giving up rebounds.”

In the 2-1 loss by the Bullpup junior varsity, Jovanny Ontiveros scored the lone McPherson goal.

McPherson fans will have their first opportunity to see the 2021 Bullpup soccer team on Tuesday, August 31 when they play host to Salina South with the varsity match beginning at 7:30 pm and the junior varsity at 6:00 pm at the McPherson College Stadium.

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