By William / www.mcpherson-county-ks.com

MCPHERSON – In a Thursday evening release of new numbers, the McPherson County Health Department reports that 34 more individuals have tested positive since the report on Tuesday, September 7, giving the County a total now of 3,934 cases.

Among other numbers on the new report, McPherson County reports now that 10 individuals are currently hospitalized with Covid-19, an increase of two (2) while no new death were reported.

Another increase in active cases was cited on the report with the County now showing 144 active Covid-19 cases compared to just 124 on Tuesday.

As for the number of new cases, the largest increase comes from those age 60 and older, and those aged 18-29 as they each showed an increase of eight (8) new cases. Those ages 40-49 and under the age of 17 each had an increase of six (6).

Of the 34 new cases, 26 came from known origin while eight (8) were unknown. Twenty (20) of the new cases were male and 14 were female.

The new numbers did show an increase of .2% in fully vaccinated individuals in McPherson County as it now stands at 45.1%.

We will have another full weekly report on Tuesday evening.

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