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HESSTON – Two of the four Inman cross country runners managed to earn medals in their divisions on Thursday at the Hesston Invitational.

Lady Teuton senior Lauren Aden finished 8th among the senior girls Class 1-2-3A division as she ran a 24:44.40 and earned a medal. Also medaling in the senior girls division was Hannah Martisko as she ran a 28:37.50 and placed 16th.  Enrica Angileri as the third Lady Teuton in the senior race where she placed 24th with a time of 30:58.50. There were 34 ladies running in the division.

Other Teuton runners included Riley Stallings who ran in the sophomore boys Class 1-2-3A division and placed 40th out of 63 runners with a time of 24:22.80 while Lacie Baxter finished 30th out of 38 runners with a time of 32:16.30 in the sophomore girls Class 1-2-3A division.

“The Hesston course has the reputation of being fast but today the times did not reflect that,” noted Teuton head coach Jay Parsons in his post-meet reflections. “Being the second meet of the week may have been the cause of the times not being better than they were, plus the runners ran Monday at Tescott on a very warm day before running today in Hesston on another rather warm day. Between competing twice in one week and the warm weather, we were pleased with competing the best we could and finishing each of the races.”

Concluding his reflections, Coach Parsons talked about the individual efforts by saying, “Despite all that, the runners who a medal in their grade level races were Lauren Aden and Hannah Martisko by placing 8th and 16th in the senior girls race.  Enrica Angileri also ran in the senior girls race and finished 24th. Lacie Baxter ran and finished 30th in the sophomore girls race while Riley Stallings finished 40th in the sophomore boys. When we go to Bennington next week, the course is a little hillier but still fast so hopefully each runner can recover from a tough week and return to what they are capable of doing.”

Next Thursday the Teuton harriers will travel to Bennington.


Lauren Aden ran a 24:44.40 and finished 8th in the senior girls division.

Hannah Martisko ran a 28:37.50 and finished 16th in the senior girls division.

Enrica Angileri ran a 30:58.50 and finished 24th in the senior girls division.

Lacie Baxter ran a 32:16.30 and finished 30th in the sophomore girls division.

Riley Stallings ran a 24:22.80 and finished 40th in the sophomore boys division.

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