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GYPSUM = The top-ranked Smoky Valley volleyball team continued to take of business in 2021 as they made a clean sweep of all five matches on Saturday at the Southeast of Saline Volleyball Tournament to come home as tournament champions.

“The Southeast of Saline Tournament always features great competition,” noted Lady Viking head Coach Sharlene Ramsey. “Of the four teams in our pool along, three of those (including Smoky Valley) were state ranked and to come out of our pool play 3-0 was amazing!”

In the first two games of pool play, the Lady Vikings recorded two-set sweeps of state ranked Beloit (25-23, 25-20), and state ranked Hillsboro (25-19, 25-20) before taking the third match 25-16, 25-18 over Salina South.

In Smoky Valley’s first play of brackets, they once again took a two-set sweep 25-23, 25-16 over Abilene.

In the tournament championship game, the Lady Vikings took down Circle, a team state ranked in Class 4A, winning 25-21, 25-22.

Coach Ramsey  continued her post-tournament reflections by saying, “We opened the tournament playing a very solid Beloit team and ended the day in the championship game against state ranked in Class 4A, Circle, so we never had an easy game the entire day. Tough games like these help us determine our strengths and weaknesses so overall, we were very pleased and proud of the girls.”

As for individual performances, several Lady Vikings were outstanding on serving with Adrien Hazelwood hitting 47/47 with 3 aces while Madi Tolle hit 41/41 with 6 aces and Hope Duncan went 52/57 with 4 aces with Avery Vanderwege connecting on 34/36 with 4 aces.

Leading the team in blocks was Madi Tolle with 4 solo and 13 assisted, and Katja Blanchat who recorded 1 solo and 10 assisted blocks.

Topping the team in digs were Abby Rose with 42, Adrien Hazelwood with 33, Aubrey Boldra with 28 and Madi Tolle with 22.

Hazelwood scored an amazing 122 assists on the day while Abby Rose, Madi Tolle and Aubrey Boldra led in kills with 32, 31, and 28 respectively.

Concluding her reflections on the day, Coach Ramsey added, “Every single girl on our squad contributed to the success on Saturday. We won this tournament last season, so we were determined to take home another first place plaque.”

The Lady Vikings get just a couple of days to rest up before returning to the court this week with two road trips, one to Lyons on Tuesday and another to Ellinwood on Thursday.

SMOKY VALLEY LADY VIKINGS at Southeast of Saline Tournament


Defeated Beloit 25-23, 25-20 in pool play.

Defeated Hillsboro 25-19, 25-20 in pool play.

Defeated Salina South 25-16, 25-18 in pool play.

Defeated Abilene 25-23, 25-16 in bracket play.

Defeated Circle 25-21, 25-22 in Championship Match.


Madi Tolle:

  • Went 41/41 on serves with 6 aces.
  • Recorded 4 solo and 13 assisted blocks.
  • Made 22 digs, had 2 assists and 31 kills.

Adrian Hazelwood:

  • Went 47/47 on serves with 3 aces.
  • Recorded 1 solo and 3 assisted blocks.
  • Made 33 digs, 122 assists and 8 kills.

Abby Rose:

  • Went 26/31 on serves.
  • Recorded 5 assisted blocks.
  • Made 40 digs and 32 kills.

Hope Duncan:

  • Went 52/57 on serves with 4 aces.
  • Recorded 1 solo and 2 assisted blocks.
  • Made 42 digs and 32 kills.

Laini Haigh:

  • Went 20/26 on serves with 1 ace.
  • Made 8 digs.

Chloe Patrick:

  • Made 10 digs and 1 assist.

Aubrey Boldra:

  • Recorded 2 assisted blocks.
  • Made 28 digs and 8 kills.

Katja Blanchat:

  • Recorded 1 solo and 10 assisted blocks.
  • Made 7 digs, 3 assists and 15 kills.

Avery Vanderwege:

  • Went 34/36 on serves with 4 aces.
  • Made 15 digs.

Maliya Koster:

  • Made 3 digs.

Breanne Peters:

  • Made 2 digs.

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