By William /

MCPHERSON – With the weekly update on Wednesday, September 22, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) listed two areas within McPherson County where they have what is considered clusters of positive Covid-19 listings.

According to the KDHE, a Covid-19 cluster is considered when a facility produces more than five (5) positive cases in a period of 14 days.

With this definition, McPherson County is still listed as having a cluster with Bethany Village in Lindsborg due to 15 positive tests in a recent two-week period.

The other current cluster within the county is listed as the McPherson High School football team as they reported five positive tests within the past two weeks.

No other cluster listings is within 30 miles of McPherson with the exception of Peabody Health and Rehab in Marion. They reported 18 positive cases recently.

The KDHE also reports that currently McPherson County is testing out at 141.3 positive tests per 1,000 residents.

Also on Wednesday, the Kansas Department of Education announced that a Middle School Student in Kansas had died from Covid-19. The name and locality of the student has not yet been released.

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