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LINDSBORG – On Tuesday, the Smoky Valley high school musical theater group received notice that they earned a listing as regional honorees and Jester Award nominations for this year.

According to Eric Lundstrom, Smoky Valley Theater Director, the Jester Awards is a program through Music Theater in Wichita in which high schools pay to have their musical productions adjudicated.

“This year 49 schools around the state were judged,” explained Lundstrom. “The state is broken into five regions and the top productions from each region are identified and are then ‘regional honorees’. The top two scores in each category from each region move on to become Jester nominees.”

For their fall production of ‘Matilda’, the Smoky Valley musical theater group received 13 regional honors, of which four progressed into being Jester Nominations.

 Lundstrom continued by saying, “this is a great accomplishment considering in our regions, other area schools are larger schools with very impressive programs. To be able to compete and beat out these schools is a testament to the hard work our students put into these productions and the support that our program receives from the administration.”

Among the other area schools Lundstrom referenced were Salina South, Salina Central, Andale, Abilene, Newton, and McPherson.

An Award Ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 24 at which the winners will be announced.

Lundstrom concluded his reflections on the earning these awards and nominations by stating, “For us being up against schools from all over the state, this is exciting news and I want to reiterate how proud I am of our program and how well the students, staff and public give it continued support.”


Direction of a Show: Eric Lundstrom

Choreography: Angela Dolezal

Lighting Design: Eric Lundstrom

Sound Design: Tyler Breneman



Direction of a Show: Eric Lundstrom

Lead Actress: Lauren Dolezal

Lead Actor: Per Nelson

Supporting Actress: Myah Stambaugh-Tubbs


Production Number: Revolting Children

Vocal Music Direction: Britney English

Choreography: Angela Dolezal

Scenic Design: Eric Lundstrom

Costume Design: Marika Peterson

Lighting Design: Eric Lundstrom

Sound Design: Tyler Breneman

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