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HILLSBORO – In a track meet that began on Friday but was shortened due to weather and then scheduled to finish on Monday only to have weather cancel it, five area schools – Inman, Elyria Christian, Canton/Galva, Moundridge, and Smoky Valley competed at the weather mangled Hillsboro Relays.

Going with the shortened meet, the Inman boys were in first place with 46 points while Moundridge was sitting sixth with 20, Smoky Valley was tied for seventh with 18 and neither Elyria Christian, nor Canton/Galva had scored any points.

The Teutons were having a banner meet as Tanner Heckel was having a monster meet as he won both the long jump and triple jump with teammate Harrison Brunk winning 100 meters and taking second in the 200 meters.

In the shortened girls meet Smoky Valley was in third with 25 points, Elyria Christian had eight points which tied them with three other schools for seventh while Canton/Galva had two and Inman had just one point while Moundridge had not scored.

Even with the shortened meet, the area school highlights came from Breanne Peters for the Lady Vikings as she won the 200 meters and placed second in the 100 meters while Ryland Hawkinson of Elyria Christian finished second in the javelin.

Area school results in the Hillsboro Invitational on included Inman (IN), Elyria Christian (EC), Canton/Galva (CG), Moundridge (MDGE), and Smoky Valley (SV).


Team Standings: 1. TEUTONS 46; 2. Council Grove 40; T-3. Berean Academy, Lyons 22; 5. Russell 21; 6. WILDCATS 20; T-7. VIKINGS, Hillsboro 18; 9. Bluestem 14; 10. Hesston 13; 11. Larned 8; 12. Independent School 6.

Shot Put: 2. Justin Holt (SV) 41’6.5”; 4. Kyler Konrade (IN) 41’3”.

Discus: 6. Trystan Stambaugh (SV) 114’11”.

Long Jump: 1. TANNER HECKEL (IN) 21’11.5”; 2. Ki Blanchat (SV) 21’7.75”; 4. Landon Kaufman (MDGE) 20’10.75”.

Triple Jump: 1. TANNER HECKEL (IN) 43’10.25”; 4. Eli Brunk (IN) 41’10”.

Pole Vault: 6. Samuel Peterson (SV) 9’6”.


Team Standings: 1. Larned 47; 2. Berean Academy 42; 3. LADY VIKINGS 25; 4. Hesston 22; 5. Bluestem 19; 6. Nickerson 14; T-7. ELYRIA EAGLES, Sedgwick, Lyons, Remington 8; 11. Independent School 6; 12. Hillsboro 5; T-13. C/G EAGLES, Russell 2; 15. LADY TEUTONS 1.

Shot Put: 5. Mimi Craig (CG) 31’6.5”.

High Jump: 6. Katie Nichols (IN) 4’8”.

Javelin: 2. Ryland Hawkinson (EC) 109’11”; 6. Keira Mullen (SV) 95’6”.

100 Meters: 2. Breanne Peters (SV) 12.78.

200 Meters: 1. BREANNE PETERS (SV) 28.52; 3. Gabby Behanna (SV) 28.95.

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