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            MCPHERSON – It was a clean sweep at home on Tuesday for the McPherson Middle School girls tennis team as they beat Valley Center 21-2 and Newton Chisholm 10-0.

            “I thought the girls played really well,” pointed out coach Paul Reichenberger. “I was very impressed how we have improved throughout the past week at practice, especially in doubles. We have been working hard in practice and it showed tonight.”

            In the first match with Valley Center, the Junior Lady Pups went 14-1 in singles with Audra Sandbo, McKenna Paul, Breanna Sullivan, Ava Miller, Emily Reno and Liz Britting all finishing their matches unbeaten. In doubles, McPherson found victory by the score of 7-1 with the three duos’ of McKenna Paul and Piper Van Campen; Avery Unruh and Quinn Liebl; plus, Emily Reno and Hayden Eveland each going undefeated in their matches.

            Against Newton Chisholm Middle School, the Junior Lady Pups finished unbeaten in matches at 10-0 with Ava Miller, Anne-Marie Holmes and Sophie Boese all going 6-0 in their singles matches which McPherson won 6-0. In doubles McPherson went 4-0 with tandem’s of McKenna Paul and Piper Van Campen, and Emily Reno and Hayden Eveland only one set each.

            Coach Reichenberger concluded his post-meet reflections by adding, “So far, I have been impressed with our work ethic and desire to get better at practice. If we can continue to take practice seriously and improve, we have potential to have a really great season.”

            The Junior Lady Pups will get their first road test next Tuesday, September 13 when they travel north to tangle with Salina South Middle School.



Singles Competition (Team won 14-1): Avery Unruh won 6-3; Audra Sandbo won 6-0; Quinn Liebl won 6-1; Dragon Rodriquez won 6-1; McKenna Paul won 6-0; Piper Van Campen won 6-1; Breanna Sullivan won 6-0; Ava Miller won 6-0; Anne-Marie Holmes won 6-1; Emily Reno won 6-0; Sophie Boese won 6-2; Hayden Eveland won 6-3; Maylin Bruce won 6-3; Liz Britting won 6-0; Stephanie Fonesca-Gonzalez lost 3-6.

Doubles Competition (Team won 7-1): Avery Unruh/Quinn Liebl won 6-0; Audra Sandbo/Dragon Rodriquez won 6-1; McKenna Paul/Piper Van Campen won 6-0; Breanna Sullivan/Ava Miller won 6-3; Anne-Marie Holmes/Sophie Boese won 6-1; Emily Reno/Hayden Eveland won 6-0; Maylin Bruce/Ellie Frye lost 3-6; Liz Britting/Stephanie Fonseca-Gonzalez won 6-3.

JUNIOR LADY PUPS VS. Newton Chisholm Middle School


Singles (Team won 6-0): Audra Sandbo won 6-1; Dragon Rodriguez won 6-4; Breanna Sullivan won 3-2; Ava Miller won 6-0; Anne-Marie Holmes won 6-0; Sophie Boese won 6-0.

Doubles (Team won 4-0): Avery Unruh/Quinn Liebl won 6-3; McKenna Paul/Piper Van Campen won 6-1; Emily Reno/Hayden Eveland won 6-1; Liz Britting/Ellie Frye won 6-4.

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