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            BUHLER – On Thursday, the McPherson high varsity girls tennis team played in the eight team Buhler Invitational and came home with third-place finish, tied with two other teams.

            The Lady Bullpups scored 26 points which put them in a tie for third place with Clay Center and Wichita Classical, all three well behind first-place Buhler with 58 points and runner-up Valley Center who had 54. Other teams in the invitational were Salina Sacred Heart, Buhler ‘B’ team, and Salina South.

            “Taking a mix of different players to the Buhler Varsity Invitational today was a good chance for all of the players to play some good competition and try to improve their game,” said Lady Bullpup coach Ricardo Sanchez.

The doubles duo of Paige Stucky and Taiya Young had the best day placing for McPherson as they finished fourth after going 2-2 for the day while the other tandem of Erin Olson and Avery Eveland went 3-1 but placed fifth.

Speaking of the doubles teams, Sanchez pointed out, “both doubles teams were very coachable and were pushing themselves to improve. Paige (Stucky) and Taiya (Young) stepped up their aggressiveness in their last two matches, that is something both of these players need to focus on in practice so they can translate it into tournament play. Erin (Olson) and Avery (Eveland) are starting to become a lot more active at the net, and as they continue to be more comfortable at the net, they will find finishing points will be a lot easier.”

            In singles, Jordan Martens went 2-2 and finished 11th while Kennedy Tulley placed 12th after going 1-3.

            Sanchez concluded his reflections on the trip to Buhler by adding, “Our singles players faced off against a lot of very consistent players today. Both Kennedy (Tulley) and Jordan (Martens) also battled adjusting to the wind in their matches as this was our first tournament in windy conditions. By the end of the day, they were figuring out how to adjust their games on each side of the court.”

            The Lady Bullpups will be back on the competitive courts on Tuesday when they play host to an eight-team invitational.

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