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(Photo from Tina McMannis – Jett Vincent making interception)

            CANTON – While the Canton/Galva football program continues to roll even in games where they have less than 200 yards in offense as they scored a 54-0 shutout win at home on Friday over Fairfield, the night was highlighted by transfer Jett Vincent’s new state record.

            When Jett Vincent, a transfer from Wheatland/Grinnell, picked off his fourth interception of the season, it was career number 32 which is a new 8-Man state record and by returning it for a touchdown, it was number six pick-six in his career, another 8-Man state record. 

            The Eagles did so despite only running eight plays on offense for only 146 yards, though 120 of that came through the air as Garrett Maltbie finished five-for-five on the night with three touchdown passes. Canton/Galva only had the ball for 14 minutes in the game while Fairfield ran 44 plays, but the Eagle defense only allowed them to gain 56 yards in total offense.

            Maltbie began the scoring by returning a pass interception to the end zone early in the first quarter and then just two minutes later threw a 57-yard scoring pass to Cason Mastre to give the Eagles and early 16-0 lead. Mastre returned an interception of his own to the house as time ran out in the quarter, giving the Eagles a commanding 22-0 advantage after just 12 minutes of play.

            In the second quarter, Maltbie connected with Mastre two more times on scoring pass plays covering nine and twelve yards while Jett Vincent ran another score in from 10 yards out before returning his interception to the end zone to close out the Eagles scoring and give them the final 54-0 win.

            Beyond Maltbie throwing the ball, Lane McMannis led the team in rushing with just 15 yards while Mastre took all three of his pass receptions to scores and Jett Vincent was on the receiving end of Maltbie’s other two completions covering 42 yards.

            On defense, Nick Evans recorded 9.5 tackles, with eight of those being solo stops and 2.5 going for a loss of yardage.

            Now 5-0 for the season, the Eagles carry the number two ranking of 8-Man Division II on their shoulders as they prep for a road trip to Hutchinson Central Christian next Friday. Central Christian will enter the game 1-4 after losing 52-38 to Kinsley on Friday.

CANTON/GALVA EAGLES hosting Fairfield


Fairfield: 0-0-0-0=0; EAGLES 22-32-0-0=54

1st Quarter:

EAGLES (9:16): Garrett Maltbie on an Interception Return (2-Point Conversion – Lane McMannis run) 0-8

EAGLES (7:32): Cason Mastre on a 57-yard pass play from Garrett Maltbie (2-Point Conversion – Jett Vincent run) 0-16

EAGLES (00:00): Cason Mastre on an Interception Return (2-Point Conversion Failed) 0-22

2nd Quarter:

EAGLES (9:10): Cason Mastre on a 9-yard pass play from Garrett Maltbie (2-Point Conversion – Garrett Maltbie pass to Lane McMannis) 0-30

EAGLES (8:12): Jett Vincent on a 10-yard run (2-Point Conversion – Garrett Maltbie run) 0-38

EAGLES (5:46): Cason Mastre on a 12-yard pass play from Garrett Maltbie (2-Point Conversion – Garrett Maltbie run) 0-46

EAGLES (4:48): Jett Vincent on an Interception Return (2-Point Conversion – Garrett Maltbie pass to TJ Koehn) 0-54


Fairfield: 1st Downs – 9; Total Offense – 44 for 56; Passing – 5/14 for 27, 3 interceptions; Rushing – 30 for 29; Fumbles – 1/1; Penalties – 2 for 20; Time of Possession – 22:00.

EAGLES: 1st Downs – 7; Total Offense – 8 for 146; Passing – 5/5 for 120, 3 scores; Rushing – 3 for 26; Fumbles – 0/0; Penalties – 2 for 20; Time of Possession – 14:00.


Passing: Garrett Maltbie – 5/5 for 120, 3 scores.

Rushing: Lane McMannis – 1 for 15; Jett Vincent – 1 for 10; Team – 1 for 1.

Receiving: Cason Mastre – 3 for 78, 3 scores; Jett Vincent – 2 for 42.

Defense: Nick Evans – 9.5 with 8 solo, 0.5 sacks, 2.5 for loss; Wyatt Collins – 7.5 with 6 solo, 0.5 for loss; Jett Vincent – 4.5 with 3 solo, 1 interception; TJ Koehn – 4.5 with 3 solo, 1.0 sacks, 2.5 for loss; Lane McMannis – 3.5 with 2 solo, 0.5 for loss; Preston Minson – 3.5 with 2 solo, 1.5 sacks, 2.0 for loss; Garrett Maltbie – 2.5 with 2 solo, 1.0 for loss, 1 interception; Cason Mastre – 2.0 with 1 solo, 1 interception; Camden Kruse – 1.0 with 1 solo; Jory Ratzlaff – 1.0 with 1 solo; Ryder Norstrom – 0.5.

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