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            MOUNDRIDGE – After bettering their previous season by three wins, the Moundridge football team hit a brick wall on Friday in their regional championship for 8-Man Division I when they played host to Lyndon and suffered a 50-0 loss.

            With the loss, the Wildcats close out their 2022 season with a record of 6-4, a three-win improvement over 2021 when they won just three games.

            On Friday, the defense of Lyndon held Moundridge in check throughout the game despite the Wildcats having the ball on offense nearly eighteen minutes longer than the visitors. Lyndon held Moundridge to just 27 yards in offense on 30 plays while Lyndon rolled up 273 yards on 29 plays that included six runs for touchdowns.

            Lyndon went up 22-0 in the first quarter on scoring runs of twelve, ten, and seven yards before putting up 28 points in the second quarter on three more runs for scores from three, nine, and nine yards out. The seventh score for the visitors came when Kaden Elmore fumbled the ball inside the 15-yard line and the Tigers scooped it up and ran in for a score.

            Lyndon only threw the ball twice and completed one for 19 yards while running the ball 27 times for 254 yards.

            Moundridge’s Henry Hecox attempted a pass nine times but was only able to complete a pair of those 13 yards. Running the ball was no easy feat for the Wildcats either as they only gained 14 yards on 21 running attempts led by Joaquin Huff who carried it five times for 19 yards.

            Defensively, Barrett Moddelmog led the Wildcats with eight tackles of which six were solo stops.

            Moundridge will have much to build on for next season as this was a young squad where season stars such as Kaden Elmore, Barrett Moddelmog, Henry Hecox, and Lane Durst are just finishing their sophomore seasons and Joaquin Huff is just a junior.


SCORING: Lyndon 22-28-0-0=50; WILDCATS 0-0-0-0=0

1st Quarter:

Lyndon (8:11): Scored on a 12-yard run (2-Point Conversion Failed) 6-0

Lyndon (5:02): Scored on a 10-yard run (2-Point Conversion was Good) 14-0

Lyndon (1:11): Scored on a 7-yard run (2-Point Conversion was Good) 22-0

2nd Quarter:

Lyndon (10:16): Scored on a 3-yard run (2-Point Conversion was Good) 30-0

Lyndon (6:55): Scored on a 9-yard run (2-Point Conversion Failed) 36-0

Lyndon (6:40): Recovered Fumble for a Touchdown (2-Point Conversion was Good) 44-0

Lyndon (3:57): Scored on a 9-yard run (2-Point Conversion Failed) 50-0

3rd & 4th Quarter:

No Scoring due to game being over by 45-point rule.


Lyndon: 1st Downs – 17; Total Offense – 29 for 273; Passing – 1/2 for 19; Rushing – 27 for 254; Fumbles – 0/0; Penalties – 8/65; Time of Possession – 9:08.

WILDCATS: 1st Downs – 5; Total Offense – 30 for 27; Passing – 2/9 for 13; Rushing – 21 for 14; Fumbles – 1/1; Penalties – 3/15; Time of Possession – 26:52.


Passing: Henry Hecox – 2/9 for 13.

Rushing: Joaquin Huff – 5 for 19; Henry Hecox – 9 for 0; Kaden Elmore – 5 for 0; Lane Durst – 2 for -5.

Receiving: Joaquin Huff – 1 for 12; Barrett Moddelmog – 1 for 1.

Defense: Barrett Moddelmog – 8, 6 solo; Banky Hayes – 4, 2 solo, 1 for loss; Henry Hecox – 3, 3 solo; Logan Churchill – 3, 3 solo, 1 for loss; Joaquin Huff – 3, 2 solo; Lane Durst – 3; Caleb Ward – 2, 1 solo; Paul Grill – 1, 1 solo; Kaden Elmore – 1.

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