By Staff

            MCPHERSON – On Tuesday the McPherson Middle School wrestlers hosted Salina Lakewood and took a heart stopping four-point 55-51 win.

            For the Junior Pups, they recorded 10 wins in 18 matches with eight of those coming by a fall from Kynason Hancock, Noah Garcia, Zack Elbert, Lovell Brownfield, Tracen Williams, James Fritzemeier, and the last big win to take the meet by Dylan Hall.

            No junior varsity results were available.

            The Junior Pups will now get a 10-day break before returning to the competitive mats on Thursday, November 17 on the road at Salina South.


Won over Salina Lakewood 55-51

Individual Results:

75 lbs. > Open

80 lbs. > Kynason Hancock won by a fall.

85 lbs. > Parker Hulvey won by major decision 11-3.

90 lbs. > MJ Burkes won by decision 9-7.

100 lbs. > Open

105 lbs. > Noah Garcia won by a fall.

110 lbs. > Baylor Boesker lost by a fall.

115 lbs. > Hudson Krehbiel lost by a fall.

120 lbs. > Dane Becker lost by a fall.

127 lbs. > Colt Harlin lost by decision 2-6.

134 lbs. > Zack Elbert won by a fall.

141 lbs. > Lovell Brownfield won by a fall.

148 lbs. > Garet Wedel lost by a fall.

155 lbs. > Tracen Williams won by a fall.

165 lbs. > James Fritzemeier won by a fall.

180 lbs. > Matt Burger won by a fall.

215 lbs. > Dylan Hall won by a fall.

265 lbs. > Jayse Gunn lost by a fall.

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