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            MAIZE – Playing 27 single and 14 double matches on Tuesday in Maize the McPherson Middle School boys tennis team opened the 2023 season with a 33-8 loss.

            “Today was our first dual meet of the season,” noted Junior Pups coach Paul Reichenberger. “The boys struggled with nerves and consistency on the tennis court, but that is expected during the first dual of the season.”

            Among the winners in singles were Grayson Koenig, Mason Eisenbarth, Jack Boese, Hunter Schroeder, Kepple Butcher, Logan Heskett, and Karter Hundley as the Junior Pups lost the singles competition 7-20.

            Both Schroeder and Butcher also scored a win teaming up in doubles as they were the lone McPherson victory among 14 matches.

            Coach Reichenberger concluded his post-meet reflections by saying, “Overall, I was very pleased with how our boys played, especially on the singles side. It was great to see some of our top players earn some quality singles wins against a good Maize South team.”

            Next up for the McPherson Junior Pup tennis team will be on Monday, April 3 at Andover


TEAM RESULTS: Maize South 33, McPherson 8.


Team lost 7-20.

Individual: Grayson Koenig won 6-3; Hayden Siemens lost 5-6; Jonas Emery lost 3-6; Mason Eisenbarth won 6-5; Rogan Jones lost 3-6; Jack Boese won 7-3; Prajit PremAnanth lost 2-6; Nico Monday lost 1-6; Cooper Bohme lost 4-6; Ben Bocox lost 2-6; Hunter Schroeder won 7-5; Kepple Butcher won 7-5; Collin Tully lost 0-6; Logan Heskett won 6-1; Karter Hundley won 6-5; Brody Hutts lost 0-6; Aiden Pattison lost 3-6; Edwin Meek lost 2-6; Devonte Dishmon lost 1-6; Evan Gregory lost 0-6; Seth Turner lost 4-6; Owen Smith lost 0-6; Isaac Fleming lost 0-6; Nicholas Swigert lost 0-6; Kaden Kagle lost 2-6; Oliver Bowman lost 0-6; Lennon Morris lost 0-6.


Team lost 1-13.

Individual doubles: Koenig/siemens lost 4-6; Emery/Eisenbarth lost 3-6; Jones/Boese lost 1-7; PremAnanth/Bohme lost 1-6; Monday/Bocox lost 10-12; Tully/Heskett lost 2-6; Schroeder/Butcher won 6-3; Hundley/Hutts lost 0-6; Pattison/Meek lost 1-6; Turner/Smith lost 2-6; Fleming/Swigert lost 0-6; Kagle/Bowman lost 0-6; Morris/Fleming lost 0-6.

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