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            CANTON – Like the boys games, it was tale of two teams with the Canton/Galva and Moundridge softball teams on Friday as they split a doubleheader with the Lady Eagles winning game one 13-3 before the Lady Wildcats scored a victory in game two 8-4.

            With the one win, the Lady Eagles keep their season record even at 6-6 while the Lady Wildcats drop to 8-4. Both teams will have much of the week off before returning to the diamond where Canton/Galva will be on the road at Remington and Moundridge will play host to Ell-Saline.

            After the Lady Eagles jumped out to a -0 lead in the first two innings, Moundridge pulled within two with a pair of runs in the third only to have the Lady Eagles pour seven across home in the fourth and then add one more in the sixth for the final 13-3 win.

            Adi Alcala and Cora Schamp each had three hits for the Lady Eagles while four others had a pair of hits including Julia Allen who hammered out a double.

            Brecken Pearson threw a complete game for the win for Canton/Galva, throwing 85 pitches while giving up seven hits, three earned runs, five walks and struck out four.

            The Moundridge bats were led by Maggie Adolf, Sam Strausz and Reese Schmidt who each had a pair of hits including a home run for Strausz. Emily Durst was on the mound for the Lady Wildcats using 110 pitches to give up 16 hits, five earned runs, walk three and strikeout three.

“Not much went right for us in game one,” noted Lady Wildcat head coach Lynn Eichelberger. “We were not focused and made some mistakes we do not usually make.”

            In game two, Moundridge held Canton/Galva scoreless until the sixth inning while putting eight across the plate themselves including a five run fourth inning. The Lady Eagles scored twice each in the sixth and seventh but fell short, giving the Lady Wildcats the final four-run win.

            Kindall Elmore had three hits and Macy Kaminkow had a pair to lead the Lady Wildcat bats.

            Emily Durst needed just 79 pitches to record the win on the mound for Moundridge, and while she gave up 13 hits, she allowed just four earned runs with no walks and a pair of strikeouts.

            For Caton/Galva Jayden Orth went 3-for-4 while Adi Alcala, Brecken Pearson, and Brooke Stephan each had two. Pearson, Orth, and Alcala pounded out doubles and Julia Allen hit a two-run home run.

            Pearson again worked the mound for the Lady Eagles, needed 121 pitches to give up eight hits, three earned runs, seven walks and three strikeouts.

Moundridge coach Eichelberger concluded his post-game reflections by adding, “We still made a few mental mistakes in game two but played a lot better. Emily (Durst) showed her mental toughness by clearing her head from the first game and really pitched well in game two. Kindall Elmore mad things happen on the bases. I was proud of the players for clearing their heads from the first game and getting mentally ready to play in the second game.”



Scoring: LADY WILDCATS > 0-0-3-0-0-0-x = 3-7-2;  LADY EAGLES > 3-2-0-7-0-1-x = 13-16-1.

LADY WILDCATS HITTING (ab-r-h-rbi -bb): Emily Durst > 3-1-1-0-1; Kindall Elmore > 1-1-0-0-2; Macie Woltje > 1-0-0-0-0; Addy Falco > 3-0-0-1-0; Reese Schmidt > 3-0-2-1-0; Sam Strausz > 3-1-2-1-0; Maggie Adolf > 2-0-2-0-1; Macy Kaminkow > 3-0-0-0-0; Hannah Schrag > 2-0-0-0-1; Aubree Durst > 3-0-0-0-0.  Team Totals > 24-3-7-3-5.  HR (1) > S. Strausz – 1.  SB (8) > E. Durst – 3; K. Elmore, M. Adolf – 2; S. Strausz – 1.

LADY WILDCATS PITCHING (ip-p-h-r-er-bb-so): Emily Durst > 5.2-110-16-13-5-3-3.

LADY EAGLES HITTING (ab-r-h-rbi-bb): Adi Alcala > 3-3-3-1-2; Brecken Pearson > 4-2-2-2-1; Julia Allen > 4-1-1-0-0; Jayden Orth > 4-2-2-4-0; Raegan Hawkinson > 4-1-0-2-0; Cora Schamp > 4-0-3-2-0; Emerson Hoppes > 4-0-1-0-0; Lili Espinoza > 4-2-2-1-0; Brooke Stephan > 4-2-2-0-0.  Team Totals > 35-13-16-12-3.  2B (1) > A. Alcala – 1.  SB (7) > B. Pearson, B. Stephan, J. Orth – 2; A. Alcala – 1.

LADY EAGLES PITCHING (ip-p-h-r-er-bb-so): Brecken Pearson > 6.0-85-7-3-3-5-4.


Scoring: LADY WILDCATS > 1-0-1-5-1-0-0 = 8—8-0;  LADY EAGLES > 0-0-0-0-0-2-2 = 4-13-3.

LADY WILDCATS HITTING (ab-r-h-rbi-bb): Emily Durst > 3-1-0-0-2; Kindall Elmore > 4-2-3-0-0; Addy Falco > 3-0-1-0-1; Reese Schmidt > 4-0-0-2-0; Sam Strausz > 2-1-1-0-2; Maggie Adolf > 4-0-0-0-0; Aubree Durst > 3-2-1-0-1; Addy Patrick > 4-0-0-0-0; Macy Kaminkow > 3-2-2-0-1.  Team Totals > 30-8-8-2-7.  SB (4) > M. Kaminkow – 2; A. Falco, K. Elmore – 1.

LADY WILDCATS PITCHING (ip-p-h-r-er-bb-so): Emily Durst > 7.0-79-13-4-4-0-2.

LADY EAGLES HITTING (ab-r-h-rbi-bb): Adi Alcala > 4-0-2-0-0; Brecken Pearson > 4-1-1-2-0; Julia Allen > 4-1-1-2-0; Jayden Orth > 4-1-3-0-0; Raegan Hawkinson > 4-0-0-0-0; Cora Schamp > 4-1-1-0-0; Emerson Hoppes > 3-0-1-1-0; Lili Espinoza > 3-0-1-1-0; Brooke Stephan > 3-0-2-0-0.  Team Totals > 33-4-13-4-0.  2B (3) > B. Pearson, J. Orth, A. Alcala – 1.  HR (1) > J. Allen – 1.  SB (1) > L. Espinoza – 1.

LADY EAGLES PITCHING (ip-p-h-r-er-bb-so): Brecken Pearson > 7.0-121-8-8-3-7-3.

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